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26th, September 2016

London’s Changing Skyline

London is a beautiful city which is world-renowned for its skyscrapers. The Shard, which was finished in 2012 and opened the following year, is currently the tallest building in the UK at almost 310m; a whopping 95-storeys. The financial crisis put a halt to many of the plans for new tall buildings in London, but […]

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22nd, September 2016

How Not to Use Social Media When Job Hunting

If you’re on the hunt for a new career, you might want to pause for a second before posting that picture of your night out onto your Facebook page, as over a third (36%) of 4000 recruiters recently surveyed by Monster.co.uk admitted that they have turned down a job applicant after snooping on their social media […]

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21st, September 2016

Facilities Management Qualifications vs. Industry Expertise

Efficient facilities management is paramount to the success of every organisation. In this fast-growing discipline, how critical are formal FM qualifications for both applicants and businesses in addition to sector-established skill sets? Do today’s facilities management candidates need formal qualifications to succeed? The debate regarding the necessary combination of soft skills, hard skills, and formal […]

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20th, September 2016

How to Get the Salary you Want!

You have wowed them with your CV and got that job interview, fantastic! But what about the money? Talking about salaries with a potential employer can feel very awkward, but it’s really important that you are happy with this aspect of a job. Before you discuss it, read these tips for negotiating the salary you […]

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17th, September 2016

How to Tackle Competency Based Questions

Most interviews have at least one competency based question. They seem to fill even the most confident candidates with dread. This need not be the case and I can tell you that the way to increase your confidence levels is to prepare, prepare, prepare. What is a competency based question? A competency based question asks […]

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16th, September 2016

Hard Versus Soft Skills

To be a successful Facilities Manager, should you possess stronger hard or soft skills? This is an ongoing debate, and the punch line is that you will need both. In reality, most individuals will be slightly stronger in one area than the other. For example, you will have likely come across individuals in the workplace […]

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13th, September 2016

The Future of Job Advertising

Maxwell Stephens are conscious of the fact that job advertising has in most cases become boring, unimaginative, and lazy on the part of recruiters. Shaking The Job Advertising Trend We want to shake the trend up by finding new ways to share job advertisements on social media YouTube Maxwell Stephens have started to post our jobs […]

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12th, September 2016

Hiring Staff Post Brexit

The first 8 months of this year were dominated by Brexit, a lot of scaremongering, and a multitude of governmental changes. Pre referendum the prediction for the permanent facilities management jobs market was a strong 2016 on the back of a strong finish to 2015. However, as soon as the referendum was announced in in late […]

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11th, September 2016

Why is My CV Not Working for Me?

The very first thing to tell you is that it is not always your CV which is stopping you from getting interviews. By that I mean that perhaps the market is very slow when you are looking, or you are not applying for the roles that you are most likely to be a good fit […]

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