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1st, June 2015
Why using recruiters in the Recruitment Process is worth it

Why using recruiters in the Recruitment Process is worth it

In the Recruitment Process – Why Recruiters Are Worth What They Charge The Value House from Maxwell Stephens Let’s picture the scenario. You’ve got a vacancy that needs filling and you have a decision to make – conduct the recruitment process in-house, or partner with a professional recruiter? It may initially seem that performing the […]

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19th, May 2015
Builld a LinkedIn Profile with Peter Forshaw and Maxwell Stephens Help

Build a LinkedIn Profile

Do you want to build a LinkedIn Profile? If so, you have come to the right place. If you’re looking for a new role you can’t ignore the power of LinkedIn! With over 15 million users in the UK, it’s now often the first place recruiters such as Maxwell Stephens will turn to when they’re […]

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13th, May 2015
FM is complex and challenging and requires a diverse range of skills.

Recruiting in Facilities Management

Recruiting in Facilities Management is just as much about management process as technical skills The job title Facilities Manager may seem more like it a technical role but in fact, in many industries, the role of a Facilities Manager is fundamentally about the management of services and supporting the overall business to create the best […]

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12th, May 2015
Peter Forshaw outlines the main points to consider in Facilities Management Recruitment

How to Recruit in Facilities Management

When it comes the main question of “How to Recruit in Facilities Management?” It is important for the whole process to be effective, otherwise it can be costly and damaging for the reputation of the business. The facilities recruitment process should be carefully considered and should be strictly followed. These tips from Peter Forshaw should […]

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8th, May 2015
Online Resources are helpful for finding a job, as proved by Maxwell Stephens in this article

10 Ways to use online resources to find your dream role

Most of us spend a great deal of time online, whether it’s for interacting with people using social media or generally browsing and catching up on world events. So using these online resources to best effect can be helpful for many reasons, one of which is for the purpose of finding a new job. In […]

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2nd, May 2015

10 Questions to Ask Job Seeker During a Video Interview in Facilities Management

Maxwell Stephens have discovered that , more and more workers are applying for jobs outside of their immediate locations. This means that many companies are beginning to adapt the ways in which they conduct interviews. One of the most popular methods of interviewing is via video chats. This allows both the interviewer and the interviewee […]

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30th, April 2015
facilities recruitment job seekers women men candidates

FM Recruitment Specialists: How to Find the Right Candidate for the Facilities Job!

Read this article from the FM Recruitment Specialists on Today’s Facilities Management marketplace Your staff are your greatest asset – but how do you make sure you attract and select the best candidates for facilities management roles in today’s saturated employment market? The task of sorting through vast numbers of facilities management applications can be […]

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22nd, April 2015
The facilities management job search basics

The Facilities Job Search Basics

You need to start at with the Job Search basics when looking for a new job in Facilities Management, it’s easy to get lost before you have even started. The biggest problem most job seekers experience is that they go about the process all wrong. They search the internet for anything that pays well and […]

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15th, April 2015
Maxwell Stephens show clients how to shortlist candidates

5 Steps to Effectively Shortlist Candidates

When it comes to facilities recruitment or any recruitment for that matter, it can be tricky to shortlist candidates, especially if the role has attracted a lot of interest. Below are  5 steps for finding the perfect match courtesy of Maxwell Stephens: 1) Set a Criteria You need to have a clear idea of the candidate […]

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