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15th, April 2015
10 tips for helping you get the best CV you can.

10 Tips to Help Your CV Stand Out

Your CV is the first impression a potential employer has of you and it will ultimately make or break their decision to shortlist you for interview. It is, therefore, of the upmost importance that you get it right. Many candidates don’t spend enough time on their CV and it can make the difference between whether […]

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14th, April 2015
CV tips

Writing a CV – The Saints and Sinners

When it comes to writing a CV, many people don’t really know where to start. It can be difficult when writing a CV to get your experience and qualifications in such a way that will attract the attention of employers, especially in such a competitive world. If you want to ensure your CV shines for […]

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2nd, April 2015
There are many types of Interviews in FM

Types of Interview

Whether you’re a facilities management professional wondering what kind of interview awaits you, or a hiring manager or recruiter wondering which interview style is best, we’ve taken a look at the five most popular types of interview below, and the benefits for both the interviewer and interviewee: 1) CLASSIC ONE ON ONE INTERVIEW Still the […]

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2nd, April 2015
Facilities Management

Preparing for an Interview in Facilities Management

When you are preparing for an interview in Facilities Management, the more you prepare, the more relaxed you will be and the better chance you will have of getting the job, so make sure you know your stuff prior to attending the interview. Afterall Interviews are daunting and can cause us to feel nerves we […]

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29th, March 2015
Hard & Soft Services Discussion via LinkedIn

Interview Guidance

Maxwell Stephens recommend that no matter how often you have been interviewed it’s always worth reviewing your techniques. Research and Preparation Researching the company is essential and a thorough investigation of the company’s website is a great way to find out accurate information on their business.  You could even call the company and ask for […]

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27th, March 2015

How to hire a facilities manager and other speciality roles

When you need to hire a facilities manager or another speciality role within the world of Facilities Management – special care and attention needs to be given to the matter say Maxwell Stephens To explain further speciality employees or specialists are knowledge workers who have the required specialist skills or training necessary to fulfil a […]

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13th, March 2015
facilities management job interview success tips advice steps

Interview Preparation: What You Need To Know in Facilities Management

Facilities Management Steps to prepare yourself for a job interview in Facilities Management! Thorough interview preparation in today’s competitive facilities management job market is essential. With the number of applicants for each vacancy in the UK showing no signs of abating, securing an interview is often an achievement in itself. The next step is to […]

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4th, March 2015

How to Stand Out in a Facilities Management Interview

If you want to succeed in landing the job of your dreams, you will need to ace your Facilities Management Interview! In a Facilities Management Interview, CVs and application forms can afford job-hungry candidates the luxury of pouring carefully over their submission for hours on end. Pressure is taken out of the situation and the […]

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27th, February 2015
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Finding the best recruitment agency

Finding the best recruitment agency for you. The most prolific agents aren’t always the best! The employment market is full of recruitment consultancies making all sorts of claims, and when it comes to selecting the best option for you, the choice can sometimes seem a little opaque. Do you opt for the big agencies with […]

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