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4th, March 2015

How to Stand Out in a Facilities Management Interview

If you want to succeed in landing the job of your dreams, you will need to ace your Facilities Management Interview! In a Facilities Management Interview, CVs and application forms can afford job-hungry candidates the luxury of pouring carefully over their submission for hours on end. Pressure is taken out of the situation and the […]

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27th, February 2015
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Finding the best recruitment agency

Finding the best recruitment agency for you. The most prolific agents aren’t always the best! The employment market is full of recruitment consultancies making all sorts of claims, and when it comes to selecting the best option for you, the choice can sometimes seem a little opaque. Do you opt for the big agencies with […]

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20th, February 2015

Dealing With the Skills Gap – Qualifications over Experience

There is a definate skills gap in Facilities Management – Is the answer to go for qualifications over experience? Peter Forshaw from Maxwell Stephens argues the case. Skills gaps do exist when there are fewer experienced candidates on the market to deal with the recruitment needs of the employer. These exist within many industries such […]

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11th, February 2015

Three Types of Recruitment

There are Three Types of Recruitment according to Peter Forshaw from Maxwell Stephens The Types of Recruitment are namely Just in Time, Candidate Pipeline and the Long Play of Building an Employer Brand Facilities Recruitment can be a complicated process and it is important to get it right, otherwise it can be hugely costly for […]

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6th, January 2015

5 Personality traits for FM’s

I attended the BIFM London region event on behalf of Maxwell Stephens – “Question Time” at Somerset House at the end of September last year where one of the speakers made a comment which I thought was quite funny. When asked about the type of people he recruits, he said “we like anyone who is […]

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5th, January 2015
Hard & Soft Services Discussion via LinkedIn

The Value of an Effective Candidate Briefing

The Value of an Effective Candidate Briefing When a candidate walks into an interview they are often stepping into the unknown. What more can be done, by recruitment consultancies such as Maxwell Stephens, to ensure that the candidate is entering the room fully briefed to talk about a role for which they are ideally suited? […]

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1st, January 2015

Do clients and candidates still need agencies in the Facilities Management Industry?

Facilities Management Briefing – Recruitment – Do clients and candidates still need agencies? Clients – As with any outsourced service, the question will inevitably be asked whether the end user can undertake this service themselves and if they have the in-house expertise capable of running an effective recruitment campaign. The growth of the internet has further […]

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1st, January 2015
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One of the Keys to Successful Change Management in Facilities Management

In the competitive world we live in, Maxwell Stephens  believes it seems clear that organisations must change to remain competitive and relevant in the modern world. Preparation is the key to successful change management in facilities which might sound obvious; however thorough planning will be the difference between those who drive successful change through and those […]

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28th, December 2014
The Facilities Management Sector as defined by Petter Forshaw from Workplace Futures Conference

It’s all in the meaning!

An analysis of the perception of the Facilities Management Industry in 2014 It’s all in the meaning! A 2005 study of recruitment and retention practices in NHS Trusts by Sheffield Hallam University researchers argued evidence of lower salaries and higher levels of employee turnover within the Estates departments of hospitals suggested there was a need […]

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