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4th, November 2014
Maxwell Stephens are Facilities Management Specialists

The Facilities Management Recruitment Firm

The 5 Keys to a Successful Partnership with a facilities management recruitment firm Employing the right people is essential to running any successful business. When you use the services of a Facilities Management Recruitment firm such as Maxwell Stephens for your recruitment needs; essentially we are representing your organisation working on your behalf to find […]

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31st, October 2014
Facilities Management Interviewing

Tips for Successful Video Interviewing

As technology slowly integrates further into our modern world, video interviews are becoming the new way to expedite the interview process and bring candidates and employers closer together, faster than before. No different than a traditional face to face interview, preparation is key for a successful video interview with advance planning bearing a tremendous amount of […]

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4th, October 2014
The facilities management job search basics

The Professional Facilities Manager. The backbone of our buildings

What a Facilities Manager does and how to recruit the best candidate for the job. While it might not be a profession that most of us outside the  industry know too much about, with good facilities managers our offices, shops and leisure spaces would cease to function, with an attendant knock-on effect on productivity and the […]

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3rd, October 2014
facilities recruitment job seekers women men candidates

Do Men and Women Interview Job Candidates Differently in Facilities Recruitment?

Men vs Women in Facilities Recruitment Interviews It is an interesting thing that when asked if they would prefer a male or female to interview them, people tend to go for the opposite sex. The reason for this is because we feel that we might be able to rely perhaps on something as well as […]

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9th, September 2014
Facilities Management qualifications

The Key Problem with the Facilities Management Industry

Maxwell Stephens believe The Facilities Management industry offers a great chance to develop a career in a diverse, exciting and advanced field, although with the financial conditions that the previous few years have brought, it will come as no surprise that facilities managers do not actually advance in either role or responsibility nor do they […]

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6th, September 2014
facilities jobs management recruitment FM market professional

Why recruitment agencies have survived the Social Media (SM) revolution

Nowadays we are used to receiving notifications from sites such as Linkedin and Xing, telling us that a particular company is recruiting.  If the job appeals, we can download the full description, research the company and begin an online application within just a few minutes of receiving the message. In the second decade of the 21st century we are interconnected in ways we would […]

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4th, September 2014
Facilities Management Qualifacations

The Fog of Facilities Management Qualifications

In the spirit of  new optimism the BIFM has recently announced a brand new set of facilities management qualifications, designed and developed following significant research Most FM students who will sit the new professional qualifications will already be working in the facilities management field and most will be, or on their way to being, high-flying […]

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4th, September 2014
The future of facilities management recruitment

Senior Employees – The Future of Successful Recruitment and Retention Practices

Employee retention has taken a new angle in Britain. The British Government has suggested that companies should retain employees until the age of 70, as statistics foresee a severe shortage of available workforce in the near future, especially as the government is restricting immigration. It is estimated that in next 10 years there will be […]

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4th, September 2014
facilities jobs management recruitment FM market professional

The Vital Roles of Recruiters

The Recruitment Consultancy Industry Will Not Wither Due To Up-and-Coming RPOs and In-house Recruiters Sourcing talent is still a leading challenge, according to executive boards of most organisations and companies. Even so, cutting recruitment costs seems to bethe current priority. Outsourcing the recruitment process is one manner in which organisations save costs. They either develop […]

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