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17th, October 2013
facilities management job offering

5 Critical factors to consider before making a job offer in Facilities Management

The final stage of the facilities management recruitment process, the ‘offer’, is the most important part of a usually extensive recruitment process; the decision of whom you will offer the facilities management job to is the conclusion of much effort and hard work from HR teams, facilities management recruitment consultants, Hiring Managers, and candidates. But […]

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11th, October 2013
facilities job hunting

Change of Perception Needed for FM Job Hunting

“There needs to be a Change of Perception Needed for FM Job Hunting” says Peter Forshaw from Maxwell Stephens The economic downturn in 2012 took its toll on job volumes throughout the UK, and as a result many companies are only focused on recruiting employees for key business positions. Despite this, Maxwell Stephens have experienced […]

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10th, October 2013
Facilities Management

Benefits of using a thorough process in Facilities Recruitment

Facilities Recruitment The unemployment rate in the UK has recently risen to its highest level for nearly two decades which means there are more candidates applying for roles. Unfortunately in desperation people are applying for roles in FM that they do not have the necessary requirements for, and some are applying for roles that they […]

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30th, September 2013
facilities jobs management recruitment FM market professional

Britain is not on the brink of a full blown facilities jobs crisis

The value of a good recruiter for Facilities Jobs in the UK. Britain is in on the brink of a “full blown jobs crisis” however the facilities management sector is still recruiting; albeit more cautiously than the last few years; which is making the contingent focused facilities management recruitment agencies graft harder than before. The […]

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28th, September 2013
Facilities Management qualifications

The Mood of Caution in Facilities Management

Maxwell Stephens – Interim Facilities Executive Recruitment If you have read any of the broadsheet newspapers recently you will have seen the message is quite cautionary. This mood of caution is reflected in the dramatic increasing tendency Maxwell Stephens have seen to hire non-permanent staff on fixed term contracts. These interim candidates can on most […]

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24th, September 2013
The future of facilities management recruitment

Psychometric tests: To be or not to be, that is the question.

Psychometric tests were initially designed to test a person’s intelligence. However, nowadays they are more commonly known for being used to test whether a person will be suited to a specific job during the recruitment process when recruiting in Facilities Management. Psychometric tests grew in popularity at the beginning of the 21st century, however, not […]

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20th, September 2013
Online Resources are helpful for finding a job, as proved by Maxwell Stephens in this article

The Need For Quality In Facilities Management

Everyone knows what facilities management is but few truly understand how to hire for it in terms of choosing the right candidates. It is why so many facilities are managed poorly. It’s not that it’s an impossible task, it’s simply that the right candidate wasn’t hired. The need for quality in facilities management is significant, […]

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18th, September 2013
Online Resources are helpful for finding a job, as proved by Maxwell Stephens in this article

Make Sure You’re Working with the Right Recruitment Agent!

Choosing the right recruitment agent is crucial says Peter Forshaw from Maxwell Stephens Looking for a new job, swapping or upgrading your current role in FM can be a daunting and challenging experience; often it can leave you feeling out of control, overwhelmed and doubting whether what you hope to achieve from your next role […]

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9th, September 2013
skills in facilities management

The Skills Shortage in FM is going to get worse!

The September issue of FMX included a discussion exploring the challenges and opportunities for the facilities management sector. One of the key issues outlined was sourcing good facilities management staff with some attendees arguing that there are no clear benchmarks in the way there are in engineering, surveying or accounting and facilities managers tend to […]

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