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Power Words to Get you the Job!

power words in interview

It’s difficult to remember sometimes, with the many hours of preparation and stress prior to your interview, that your interviewers are human too. And no matter how professional they are, after meeting with hundreds of ‘perfectionists’ and ‘team players’, the clichés can become white noise to them.


When talking about yourself, make your interviewer sit up and listen by ticking attributes straight off their ‘perfect employee’ checklist.


Many of Maxwell Stephens’ positions are for management. We thought now would be the ideal time, as this year’s initial round of interviews begins to kick off, to remind ourselves of the power words we recommend our candidate use at interview and why.




Make sure you convey your passion for the role, company or mission. Employers only want to hire someone who wants the job. They do not to waste their time on a stopgap or someone who just wants the money.




Learning is an important part of any job. But as disappointing as it may be, your employer isn’t hiring you for you.


They don’t want to hear that you’re applying for the position to ‘learn’. They want to hear how your skills or perspective will benefit their company more than anyone else’s.


Be sure to express why you will be an asset to the company; using past experiences and personal attributes.




Every employer looks for the ability to communicate effectively. Particularly important for managerial roles, you should convey your ability to articulate ideas, and to listen carefully to your team and superiors.




Got a great work ethic? Hardworking? Focused? That’s exactly what your interviewer wants to know about you. Try other virtues to show portray yourself as the ideal employee; dependability, respectfulness, accountability, or humility.




Better than ‘innovative’ or ‘creative’, using this word will let your interviewer know you won’t need constant hand-holding. You can solve problems, and think on your feet, making you the easiest choice for the job.


You can also use certain power words to talk about your experience for the job:




Employers want the candidate who takes responsibility for getting things done. No one wants to hire staff that avoid work or delegate unnecessarily.


By stating a time you took responsibility for reaching a goal, and explaining how you achieved it, you’ll show the interviewer that you are a eager and reliable worker.




Like with the benefits of ‘resourcefulness’, employers like proactive workers. They want to hire someone who doesn’t wait around to be told what to do.


Let your interviewer know you can think for yourself; that you’re self motivated and willing to work.




The business world revolves around results. Your interviewer doesn’t just want to know what you’ve done in the past; they want to know the positive impact your actions had on your team and the company.




This is the shiny, new, un-clichéd version of “team player”. Tell your interviewer about a time you ‘collaborated’ on a project to get results.


Be careful of your use of ‘I’ and ‘we’ in your interview. For success stories, ‘we’ shows you share the credit for victory with your team.


For failures, stay humble, and use ‘I’. Interviewers want people who will take responsibility for their mistakes without blaming others.


In a sea of clichés and predictability, power words like these will jump out at your interviewer.

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