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Quality Candidates Over Quantity

The reason most companies will give for using more than one recruiter is that it means they have access to a wider range of applicants. But with a limited number of roles available, the most important thing for your business is the quality of the candidates – not the quantity.


Giving a single recruitment agent the exclusive rights to your job role means they can focus on finding the perfect person for your company.   


Quality of applications


Pitting recruiters against each other to fill a role can only result in one thing – a race. Knowing they are competing forces agencies to focus on how quickly they can submit their candidates rather than their quality or suitability to your business. Exclusivity allows the agency to properly research both you and the candidate to find the right fit.


Some candidates choose to use multiple recruiters to increase their chances of finding a job. This could result in your company receiving more than one application for the same person from various sources. Wasting your time and effort, you’ll have to sieve through all the submissions to remove copies. This could also result in legal complications if you hire said candidate as more than one recruitment agent will expect to be paid.


Many recruitment agencies work on contingency based contracts. That means they go through the effort of screening and preparing suitable applicants for your interviews, but only get paid if you choose one of their candidates for the role.


If your agencies rely solely on commission, and know there’s no guarantee that you’ll choose one of their candidates, you may be low on their list of priorities. Yes, any good recruitment agent will still try to fill your role. But, as a business, the majority of their efforts will go into things they know will be worth their time. Like exclusive accounts. They know they’ll make a profit and so they work even harder to make sure you’re happy.


Quality of the hire


To find your perfect candidate, your recruiter must truly understand your company, its culture, your needs, and the role on offer. They need the time and support to learn about your company in order to find the right candidate for you. That’s why exclusivity for recruiters is so important in the long run. If they manage to do this right, your new employee will fit right in.


Recruiters have more at stake when their contract is exclusive. If they don’t manage to find at least one amazing candidate, it will reflect badly on their business. This added pressure means they’re more likely to strive to find someone that they know will be great in practice to protect their reputation. Agents want to know you won’t have any complaints a few weeks or months down the line, so will endeavour to ensure a great quality candidate for you to employ.

A single recruiter is also much more likely to give unbiased advice. An agent with exclusive rights’ interests are solely in you and their candidates. Finding the perfect match, even if it means waiting and conducting another set of interviews.


However, if they know they’re in competition, your agent will be forced to focus on the payment. They’re unlikely to make their true professional recommendations if it means another agent appears easier or faster, and are therefore more likely to push less-than-suitable candidates your way.


If you’re looking for a new employee, it’s important to view the process from every angle. Whilst using more than one recruiter may give you access to more candidates, the quality of those you interview and the success of your new employee depends on the dedication and professionalism of your recruiter. By choosing one you trust, you can rest assured that their focus is solely on you and your business.


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30 Steps to Success in the Facilities Management Recruitment Process

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