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Finding the right candidate for your business has now become extremely difficult, time consuming, and, if you are not very careful, expensive. Recruitment has evolved more quickly over the past five years than it has done in the 20 years previously. There are more job aggregate sites than there ever have been and the prevalence of digital recruitment channels means it is easier than ever for people to search and apply for jobs. This is obviously beneficial for the job seeker, however for the recruiter, this reach and efficiency of online recruitment can prove quite challenging.


A job advertisement on a website will certainly do its “own job” well and attract hundreds of responses, sometimes even more! But the problem is that the recruiter will then have to sift out the perhaps mere 2% of respondents who are actually suited for the job, at the same time rejecting the unqualified, the underqualified, the fake qualified, the serial applicants, the fake CV submitters whose CV is specially written around your job description, the complete timewasters, those who have actually taken their eye off the ball and applied for the wrong job, the confused who don’t appear to know what job they are applying for and sometimes even the overqualified.


So, have you, as a recruiter, really got the time and effort to entertain all the above? Not to mention the industry average of 27.5 days and £3,000 it takes to hire a new member of staff! Then after the whole process you run the risk of not getting the right person for the job, maybe even ‘settling’ for the best of a bad bunch, which could be significantly more costly in the long term and cause you to start all over again.


To support your recruitment efforts you may be considering working with a professional recruiter in your sector. Someone who not only knows the industry, but also knows the ins and out of recruitment, the pitfalls, the paperwork, the red tape and even the con merchants. This is a someone who is already up to speed with your industry, someone who can work seamlessly on your behalf to spot a great CV, spot a fake CV, identify best-suited candidates, handle the initial sift, initial interview process and all the other vital minutiae, allowing you to get on with what you do best – running
your business.


To help you make an informed choice, we have created this eBook which highlights some 
vital questions you need to ask your recruitment consultant before you engage them to work for you on your behalf. After all, they will be the face of your business during the initial recruitment stages. 


Please follow the link below to download your free copy.

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