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Is the Recruiter you are Working with Qualified to Do your Search?

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Customers come to your company to benefit from your experience and expertise in your specific field. So why is it that so many companies decide to not go to the experts when hiring new staff?

Some employers choose the DIY recruitment process themselves. In principle, there’s nothing wrong with that but more often than not neither the company nor the new recruit benefit. There’s a plethora of articles and case studies online supporting the use of recruiters to find the best quality candidates for any company.


But the trouble most employers face is finding the right recruitment agency.


Underqualified recruiters are more hindrance than help to your company. It is therefore absolutely vital that you make sure the agent you choose is qualified to do your search. So, what should you be looking for?


Experience in your industry


Having an understanding of your sector and what your company does is crucial to matching you with the best candidates.


Specialist Facilities Management recruitment companies like Maxwell Stephens work with a variety of different companies and service providers. Each company is differentiated by the type of work they do, the types of buildings they’re responsible for, and how they bill their clients. On top of that, each company has a unique spectrum of work that needs its staff to carry out, from ad-hoc and contractual to maintenance and construction.


A recruiter must have experience within your sector and with your type of company in order to know exactly the kind of candidate you require.


Experience with top clients


Some clients choose to remain confidential in their job descriptions. However, even just a few blue-chip companies appearing on a recruiter’s website can signify the high levels they operate at.


Large and successful companies often exclusively use the best recruiters for their vacancies. So, if a recruiter is continually tasked to find new staff by world-class companies, that attracts other stand-out firms to use them. Their reputation and service is then cemented as one of the best around.


Loyal clients


As with attracting top companies, returning clients can show that the recruiter is able to produce high quality candidates time after time. They don’t just talk a big game but they have proof that they can actually deliver.


Loyal clientele also suggests the recruiter will work well alongside your company and its HR & FM managers to make sure you find the best possible person to fill your position.


Extensive database of quality candidates


Recruiters find hundreds of talented workers to add to their databases every year. Here at Maxwell Stephens, we are in constant touch with over 20,000 FM professionals, normally twice a month. The ideal recruiter to fill your vacancy will already have a bountiful supply of potential applicants at hand.


Employers don’t want to wait for their agent to find new candidates for their role. Their recruiter should be able to select the best possible people to put forward from their database based on the client’s needs.


They know what you’re looking for


The most important thing about your recruiter is that they know what it is you’re looking for. If they begin sending you candidates without asking all the important questions, it’s likely they aren’t qualified to do your search.


Experienced and knowledgeable recruiters ask their clients relevant questions before deciding which of their candidates best fit the bill. If they fail to ask questions, for example about the facility, experience, education or required skills, they will not be able to find the perfect match for your company.


It is extremely important that you make sure the recruiter you choose is qualified to carry out your search for you. If they do not have experience or knowledge about your industry or specific needs, they cannot effectively find the best candidate for your company.


Maxwell Stephens is the leading facilities management recruitment agency in the UK, serving clients and candidates successfully since 2006. If you’re looking for a new role, or you have a vacancy you need filling with the very best talent, please call us on 0207 118 48 48 or email

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