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Recruiting in Facilities Management

The job title Facilities Manager may seem more like it a technical role but in fact, in many industries, the role of a Facilities Manager is fundamentally about the management of services and supporting the overall business to create the best possible working environment. A Facilities Manager may be recruited into any industry and the role may require them to provide services to a few departments or in central services to support the whole business. The role of the Facilities Manager will often be determined by the size and structure of the business. In a small company for example, this role is likely to be quite varied and with high responsibility. There are many aspects of management which the Facilities Manager may cover and these will have quite diverse duties.



The role of the Facilities Manager may include the management of the refurbishment of the building or a particular part of the building. The types of tasks associated with this demanding part of the role would include liaising with workers and contractors, ensuring health and safety is strictly adhered to and ensuring the project stays within the confines of the budget.


A Facilities Manager may also be responsible for overseeing renovation work and moving offices.




When working in an office, we often take it for granted that everything will be just as we need it and the environment will be comfortable enough to allow us to work at our optimum level.


The Facilities Manager usually ensures the maintenance of the workplace, which may include taking care of any repairs and generally monitoring the upkeep of the building.




There are very few companies who don’t have some kind of security measures in place and these may include cameras, security guards or a security card system for allowing access in and out the building.


The Facilities Manager may be in charge of ensuring security is kept at its optimum level and there are no threats to the security of the building. In this respect, the Facilities Manager has a very important role to play in many industries.




The budget may be left in the hands of the Facilities Manager, who will often be responsible for improving efficiency within the business.


They may be expected to find ways of reducing operating costs while ensuring productivity is maintained. This is quite a complex and important aspect of the role, which will require the right person to ensure it is deal with appropriately.


Health and Safety


Unless there is a dedicated health and safety department, the Facilities Manager is often responsible for taking care of this function. This may include ensuring consultations are carried out and there is sufficient signage to alert workers to any dangers.


Health and safety is paramount within any organisation and as such, it is important for a dedicated manager to take care of this process, which is what the Facilities Manager can do.

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