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2016 Salary Survey Recap

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We’ve just closed the 2017 Maxwell Stephens Facilities Management Salary Survey. 1,250 of you kindly participated in last year’s survey so let’s remind ourselves of what we discovered back then.


We found a growing FM jobs market in 2016…


…in spite of the gloom surrounding Brexit. Service providers were growing their organisations and more businesses were in the process of recruiting their own in-house FM teams.

Anecdotally, we’re thinking that we’ll see the very same trend in the 2017 survey. We had our biggest ever quarter at the start of the year, only to be beaten by the following quarter.

Demand for staff is growing faster than supply. And because there’s such a shortage in some areas and disciplines of FM talent…


there was an expectation of wage increases across the industry


60% of you got pay rises in 2016, slightly up on the 2014 figure. That’s a sign of a very healthy employment market from a candidate’s point of view.


Masking that however was a higher-than-expected degree of unhappiness among you. Just under half of you told us that you felt the salary you received did not adequately reflect your level of responsibilities.


In addition, particularly in London, the crazy rises in the cost of living (that somehow are never reflected by the official inflation figures) meant that just over a quarter of you told us that your wage did not cost your costs of living.


Ferocious competition for talent and an unhappiness at levels of pay among many of you mean that…


FM professionals are staying with their current employers for shorter and shorter times


54.7% of you told us in 2016 that you were either very or fairly likely to change your employer within the next twelve months – pay was cited as a big reason as well as a desire to enhance your CV.


You told us you appreciate most of the perks you get with your employer but what you really wanted was to swap your share options, your health insurance, and your gym membership for flexible working, paid overtime, and higher bonuses & commissions.


Taking the mood of the FM industry


Other interesting findings from the 2016 survey were –


  • 92.3% of you said you were regularly asked to do overtime
  • FM staff love being kept in the loop with what their company is doing
  • 40% of you love to come to work because of the culture
  • 37.2% are in your jobs because you’re excited about prospects for the future
  • 52.6% of you really want to be challenged in your day-to-day work
  • More than any other route, you expect to be introduced to your next career move by recruiters like Maxwell Stephens.

The 2017 survey is now closed


Thanks very much to everyone for taking part – we’ll publish the results in the coming weeks. Keep an eye out for Maxwell Stephens’ emails and on our blog to get your free copy.

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