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Signs It Is to Leave Your Job

Signs It Is Time to Leave Your Job

Moving jobs and career change, should be approached thoughtfully.

One simple question you need to ask yourself:

‘Do you feel miserable in your role and do you find yourself having the Sunday night blues?’

If you answer ‘yes’ to either of these then it may be time to move on.

Recently, there has been a focus on ‘The Great Resignation’ that has seen large numbers of people handing there notice in hope of a better role or opportunity. It is time to consider do you need to join this move and take on a career transition.

This article will look at a few signs you may want to evaluate if it is truly time for you to move from a role. 

You actively look for ways to avoid your jobs

You find yourself procrastinating off doing the job because you can not find anything that is engaging in your day-today work and nothing is interesting.

This links to you dreading work the next day. You go to bed dreading knowing you have to go to work then maybe it is time to put your two week notice.


Your regularly are approaching work with exhaustion or burnout.

If you are facing work with dread you are probably approaching work with exhaustion. This may be because it is just not the right fit anymore.


This can often lead to it taking a poll on your health.

People who are burnout in their role find themselves eating unhealthily, not exercising and not getting enough sleep.


You have achieve what you set out to achieve


Sometimes you find that at sometimes you go into a role because it is right at the time but once it has done it’s purpose there is no reason for you to stay.

You may find that there is no room for advancement. Committing your time to a company that is not supporting you in progressing your career it could hinder the development of your growth and it might be time to look at moving move on.


You can see it is causing you to develop bad habits

People find themselves reflecting their work in there everyday life. If you work in a toxic culture you may find yourselves behaving unethically or inappropriately.

You should never let a job change you for the worse, especially your character.

It is an unhealthy workplace

Some people find themselves working in a business where colleagues insult or shout at each other.

This links to company culture not being a good fit, for example you may want something more flexible but the company you are in is more focused in a traditional nine-to-five job. It may not be the right place for you because it does not fit your lifestyle.

We spend most of our time at work so finding the right fit that encourages us to be better and where we are happy is really important. It is even more important to remember that we need to think selfishly sometimes and do what is best for us and break the guilt of wanting to leave a job.

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