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Staying optimistic during your search for a job

Let’s face it, job searching is difficult. It’s draining both emotionally and physically, and you can sometimes feel like for every door that opens, another slams in your face.

However, staying optimistic during your job searching period makes a difference. Here’s how to do it.


Keep on top of your mental health


One of the most factors in staying optimistic is ensuring you’re in good mental shape.

Depression is linked to unemployment, but it can be difficult to admit that you’re experiencing symptoms of a mental illness you never thought you’d get.


If your mindset is getting in the way of everyday life, you can benefit from seeing a mental health professional. There is a lot of stigma around mental illness that you’d do well not to listen to – everyone’s situation is different and should be treated as such.

Combining mental health treatment with regular exercise and a genuine desire to be positive can improve depression and other mental illness symptoms.


Exercise and eat healthily


It’s scientifically proven that regular exercise releases endorphins in your brain, which makes you feel excited and satisfied. Create an exercise plan and stick to it – it helps to leave the house at least once a day to keep your spirits up.


You may not be particularly athletic, but we aren’t saying you need to start training for the triathlon! A short walk to your local shops and back will do the trick, and if you want to jog, start by planning a short route around your neighbourhood.


Not only will exercise make you feel happier, but it will also improve your appearance, so when you do get called into interviews you look your best. Though what’s on the surface isn’t everything, appearing fit and healthy sends a message to your prospective employer that you take good care of yourself.


In line with that, it’s important to make sure you eat healthily! When spending long periods of time at home that would otherwise have been occupied by work, it’s all too easy to find yourself gravitating towards the refrigerator whenever you get bored.


Meal prepping is a great way to ensure you’re eating the right amount of food, at the right times. Here’s a handy guide for meal prepping chicken-based dishes, which will make sure you’re still getting enough protein to supplement all that exercise.


Eating well and often will make you more optimistic, and less stressed – you’re fuelling your brain and body properly, and you’re preventing problems like heart disease!




Often, people descend into negativity when they have nothing to do, which can lead to an unmotivated mindset or depression.


Volunteering somewhere local is a great way to keep your spirits up. Not only are you getting out of the house and working, but you’re also helping your community! That brings a sense of satisfaction to your life that you wouldn’t find elsewhere.


Joining a volunteer organization can also provide great opportunities for networking, especially if you can find volunteer work somewhere in your chosen field.


Don’t be afraid to ask for help


A recent survey shows that 85% of all jobs are filed via networking – asking for assistance from those working in your field could very well be the first step towards a new job. Though many posts are advertised on sites like Indeed or LinkedIn, asking around in your sector could prompt a job offer specifically tailored to you.


Plus, it doesn’t hurt to ask around for interviewing tips from business owner or HR manager friends. They’ll be able to help you understand how you should be marketing yourself as a top candidate.


Ask for industry insider information, if you can. If you’re looking to join a sales team, and you know someone already on it – ask them for tips on how to sway the interviewers in your favour. Showing you know exactly what the role you’re applying for entails communicates that you genuinely want the job.


And, if you know someone in the company you wish to join, you could ask for a referral or introduction to the CFO to get an edge on the other candidates. Make a good first impression before the interview, and you may find your chances of a successful interview increased.




Investing in other people and starting new relationships pays off! Think about increasing your online presence using LinkedIn, or by creating your own website. Past managers and co-workers can write references and recommendations for you on your LinkedIn profile, which will help boost your employability status to those that view your page.

You can also consider:


  • Asking for referrals
  • Attending meetups
  • Volunteering
  • Offering yourself as a mentor to up-and-coming professionals

Investing your time in energy in others will help you feel better about yourself. Instead of worrying about things you can’t change, you’ll be offering valuable advice to those who need it most. Seeing them succeed will bring about a sense of pride, too, which will help you to stay positive.


Three cheers for optimism!


Though the long road to finding a job may seem endless, and the journey tough, appreciating what you learn along the way will make reaching that destination even more worthwhile.

There will be setbacks in your job search but think of them as positives – you missed out on one job, but an even better one may come along! Plus, you can learn from your mistakes to make yourself even more employable.


Diligent optimism will make a genuine difference to the success of your job search. Keep your chin up and do your best, and you’ll find yourself feeling far more positive in the long run.

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