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24th, March 2017

Cutting Back on Utility Costs in FM to Offset Business Rate Increases

Posted in Facilities Management

Cutting Back on Utility Costs in FM to Offset Business Rate Increases There’s no doubt you’ve already heard that business rates are rising. Bills will be skyrocketing for hundreds of thousands of companies across the UK. That means employers will be relying on their Facilities Managers to keep things cost-effective more than ever. And budgeting […]

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20th, March 2017
What is a Facilities Manager

Have you Got a Horrible Boss?

Posted in Facilities Management, Recruitment

Have you Got a Horrible Boss? The title of this article is a nod to the 2011 comedy film ‘Horrible Bosses’ starring Jennifer Aniston and Colin Farrell. The plot is centred on three friends who conspire to kill their terrible bosses after they realise they are blocking their chances of happiness.   I suspect many […]

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31st, January 2017

What to Wear at Your Interview

Posted in Candidate

Your appearance may not seem relevant in your interview, but a recent study in the Journal of Fashion Marketing and Management has found that dressing smartly subconsciously communicates confidence and success. It’s a question our consultants at Maxwell Stephens are often asked and here is what we tell our candidates. It’s true – it’s much easier […]

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17th, November 2016

How Can a Green Office Boost Your Bottom Line?

Posted in Facilities Management

Going green is a hot topic at the moment, as more people are aware of the environment around them and the impact that their carbon footprint impacts on it. This is not just in our everyday lives, but in business, too. So, other than environmental benefits, how can a green office also improve productivity and […]

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23rd, August 2016

Scorecards to Manage Suppliers

Posted in Facilities Management

Scorecards to Manage Suppliers In many organisations, services such as catering, building security, fleet, and travel management, are outsourced to other organisations. In this common scenario, the role of the facilities manager is to manage the supplier to ensure the service is delivered to the agreed specification. This article covers how services can we effectively […]

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19th, July 2016

Impact of Brexit on Business and Recruitment

Posted in Facilities News, Recruitment

Impact of Brexit on Business and Recruitment In late June 2016, the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union. Since the leave vote, the pound has fallen to a 31-year low against the dollar; due to David Cameron’s resignation, Britain has a new prime minister, the stock market fell dramatically and Investment Bank […]

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