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20th, October 2017
The Apprentice

BBC The Apprentice…and how not to get ahead in your FM career

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The two Sarahs facing down Siobhan, promotional billboards full of typographical errors, a body-popper, Anisa and Jade wrestling over who was going to be project manager. Yes, it’s The Apprentice and it’s back on the BBC. All of the Maxwell Stephens team talk about it the following morning. It purports to be a business show […]

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31st, March 2017

8 Ways to Attract the Best Talent in the Facilities Management Industry

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8 Ways to Attract the Best Talent in the Facilities Management Industry Attracting the best talent in Facilities Management is becoming more important than ever. Businesses across the country are all desperate for the most experienced and qualified FMs to help their businesses run efficiently.   Great Facilities Managers are in such big demand and […]

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29th, March 2017

5 Deadly Mistakes that Clients Make in the Facilities Industry that Cost them Great Talent

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When it comes to recruiting nowadays, companies wanting the very best FM professionals have some steep competition. The ideal employee for your company is likely to be someone else’s too. To make sure they choose you, it’s vital that you avoid the five extremely common mistakes that can drive your ideal employee to look somewhere […]

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15th, March 2017
Public Sector FM

Public Sector FM Outsourcing is Growing: How Can Providers & FM Professionals Benefit?

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FM outsourcing is booming, but that’s not the only big news. The definition of Facilities Management is changing, too. A huge trend is rising within the public sector, favouring outsourced experts to deliver services rather than in-house employees. Whilst this is happening in a range of sectors, the Facilities Management industry is making a killing […]

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28th, February 2017

Top Interviewing Tips for Facilities Management Recruitment Success

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The interview process is even more important than what you put on your CV. You’ve impressed on paper and now it’s time to really win the employer over. Particularly true in Facilities Management, this is the crucial point at which you have to really sell why you’re the best candidate out of everyone else they […]

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15th, February 2017

The Need for Quality in Facilities Management

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Everyone knows what a facilities manager is, what they do, and how they do it. We have written a multitude of blog posts on how to get hired as an FM; perfecting your CV, applying for vacancies, and acing your interview. But what most people don’t understand is how to hire good candidates – which […]

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