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20th, October 2017
The Apprentice

BBC The Apprentice…and how not to get ahead in your FM career

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The two Sarahs facing down Siobhan, promotional billboards full of typographical errors, a body-popper, Anisa and Jade wrestling over who was going to be project manager. Yes, it’s The Apprentice and it’s back on the BBC. All of the Maxwell Stephens team talk about it the following morning. It purports to be a business show […]

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28th, September 2015
Recruiting Partner

Holding a Professional and Effective Interview

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When it comes to interviewing, we expect the candidate to arrive, professional and prepared – This will create an effective interview and should make everything run smoothly. However to secure the best candidates, as employers we need to think about how we can arrive professional and prepared too. The candidate will make a judgement of […]

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6th, July 2015

10 Interview Questions you’re Likely to Be Asked!

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You can never be too prepared for an interview! And though there are likely to be some questions you’re not expecting, there are questions you can almost guarantee you’re going to be asked. So here are 10 of the most commonly asked interview questions from Maxwell Stephens, and a few pointers on how to answer […]

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4th, September 2013
facilities interview tips

Top Interviewing Tips for Facilities Management Recruitment Success

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Learn the best Interviewing Tips for Facilities Management Job Interviews – from Maxwell Stephens The interview process can be more important than what you actually put on your CV. The reason is because this is where you get to make a vital impression on the company that could potentially hire you. From a facilities management […]

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