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20th, October 2017
The Apprentice

BBC The Apprentice…and how not to get ahead in your FM career

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The two Sarahs facing down Siobhan, promotional billboards full of typographical errors, a body-popper, Anisa and Jade wrestling over who was going to be project manager. Yes, it’s The Apprentice and it’s back on the BBC. All of the Maxwell Stephens team talk about it the following morning. It purports to be a business show […]

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27th, January 2016

What does it take to be a Facilities Manager?

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A few years ago, I wrote an analysis of the FM sector as a whole and at that stage my feelings were that the market was still clearly separated into two distinct areas: in-house (corporate management) and outsourced (third party). In my view, the FM market is much more blurred in certain respects and, as […]

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23rd, November 2015

Make a Great First Impression!

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In this candidate-driven market it’s just as important for you to make a great impression on the candidate, as it is for the candidate to try and impress you! The top talent won’t struggle for offers, so they’ll be judging each business they visit, not just on their credentials but also on the selection and […]

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25th, August 2015

Tips for Running a Successful Recruitment Open Day

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Tips for Running a Successful Recruitment Open Day A recruitment open day can be great for any business looking to attract the best talent. It allows you to meet candidates on an informal basis and get to know them over a longer period than a standard interview. You can really showcase your business, and the […]

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6th, July 2015

10 Interview Questions you’re Likely to Be Asked!

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You can never be too prepared for an interview! And though there are likely to be some questions you’re not expecting, there are questions you can almost guarantee you’re going to be asked. So here are 10 of the most commonly asked interview questions from Maxwell Stephens, and a few pointers on how to answer […]

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12th, May 2015
Peter Forshaw outlines the main points to consider in Facilities Management Recruitment

How to Recruit in Facilities Management

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When it comes the main question of “How to Recruit in Facilities Management?” It is important for the whole process to be effective, otherwise it can be costly and damaging for the reputation of the business. The facilities recruitment process should be carefully considered and should be strictly followed. These tips from Peter Forshaw should […]

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