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1st, December 2015

Finding New Talent in the New Year

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We all know that January is the time that everyone who has been considering making a move, finally takes the plunge! A new year ahead gives candidates a renewed vigour, and we see applications for roles increase hugely. You might think that leaves you spoilt for choice, however it’s often the most competitive time as […]

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14th, September 2015

How to Handle Salary Negotiations

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Salary negotiations, whether you’re employed and your contract is up for review, or you’ve been offered a new role, are always difficult. Often we simply accept what we’re offered for fear of looking greedy or demanding. However if you feel you’re being underpaid, or that your experience is worth more than is being offered, you […]

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19th, May 2015
Builld a LinkedIn Profile with Peter Forshaw and Maxwell Stephens Help

Build a LinkedIn Profile

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Do you want to build a LinkedIn Profile? If so, you have come to the right place. If you’re looking for a new role you can’t ignore the power of LinkedIn! With over 15 million users in the UK, it’s now often the first place recruiters such as Maxwell Stephens will turn to when they’re […]

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27th, March 2015

How to hire a facilities manager and other speciality roles

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When you need to hire a facilities manager or another speciality role within the world of Facilities Management – special care and attention needs to be given to the matter say Maxwell Stephens To explain further speciality employees or specialists are knowledge workers who have the required specialist skills or training necessary to fulfil a […]

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11th, February 2015

Three Types of Recruitment

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Three Types of Recruitment The Types of Recruitment are namely Just in Time, Candidate Pipeline and the Long Play of Building an Employer Brand.   Facilities Recruitment can be a complicated process and it is important to get it right, otherwise it can be hugely costly for any business in the industry. Many organisations handle recruitment […]

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