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13th, September 2016

The Future of Job Advertising

Posted in Facilities Management, Recruitment

Maxwell Stephens are conscious of the fact that job advertising has in most cases become boring, unimaginative, and lazy on the part of recruiters. Shaking The Job Advertising Trend We want to shake the trend up by finding new ways to share job advertisements on social media YouTube Maxwell Stephens have started to post our jobs […]

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12th, September 2016

Hiring Staff Post Brexit

Posted in Facilities Management, Recruitment

The first 8 months of this year were dominated by Brexit, a lot of scaremongering, and a multitude of governmental changes. Pre referendum the prediction for the permanent facilities management jobs market was a strong 2016 on the back of a strong finish to 2015. However, as soon as the referendum was announced in in late […]

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23rd, August 2016

Are the Robots Coming?

Posted in Facilities Management

Are the Robots Coming? The past few years have seen renewed public interest and debate on how technology will shape the future; not only in relation to our personal lives, but also our careers. Just this week, as the Olympic Games in Rio came to a close, a spokesperson for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics has […]

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19th, July 2016

Impact of Brexit on Business and Recruitment

Posted in Facilities News, Recruitment

Impact of Brexit on Business and Recruitment In late June 2016, the people of Britain voted to leave the European Union. Since the leave vote, the pound has fallen to a 31-year low against the dollar; due to David Cameron’s resignation, Britain has a new prime minister, the stock market fell dramatically and Investment Bank […]

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8th, July 2016

The Changing Face of the FM Profession

Posted in Candidate, Facilities Management

The Changing Face of the FM Profession Facilities management has historically been male dominated, with an older demographic who have typically worked their way up through the ranks. It was not necessarily a career choice back-up by formal education, but rather people started on reception, or security, or another front of house role. There is […]

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14th, June 2016

How Can I Analyse a Candidate’s Intangible Skills?

Posted in Candidate, Recruitment

How Can I Analyse a Candidate’s Intangible Skills? Finding the right candidate for your vacancy can be difficult. Whilst it is easy to find out about their sales prowess or perhaps confirm the achievements they claim to have made in their previous roles, it is tricky to find those intangible skills that are important to […]

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