Maxwell Stephens

A desire to get things right for both recruiter and candidate alike…

I have known Peter professionally for over ten years and have used his services quite extensively. Maxwell Stephens have a good reputation for providing quality ‘white collar’ candidates in the London property industry. I have just placed a new Operations Manager within my portfolio through Peter. My view would be that Maxwell Stephens have a good understanding of management and operational roles within property.

Peter and his Team take time to understand your requirements and will seek to review this on a step by step basis. I have rarely not taken up on an offer to meet a recommended candidate through them. Peter has an extensive network through the property management industry and pro-actively promotes best practice through newsletters, briefings and surveys, sharing current market knowledge and benchmarking salaries which is all very useful. I am happy to use Maxwell Stephens as a sole agent.

Maxwell Stephens may approach a potential candidate speculatively if a role may appear to be something of interest to them. I always sense there is a personal approach by the Team and a desire to get things right for both recruiter and candidate alike.

Just to add that Maxwell Stephens found me my current role three years ago and I have been very happy with it.