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The Candidate Briefing: What More Can The Recruitment Consultancy Do?

Recruitment consultants are used by many organisations that don’t have the time or resources to source candidates for jobs. They can be a very useful commodity for candidates, as long as they take time to understand the needs of each individual.


Recruitment consultants are provided with a job description and any other details of the role. It is then their responsibility to find candidates who are experienced and will fit in with other people in the company.

Unfortunately, many recruitment consultants don’t take the time to understand either the needs of the company or the candidate, which can result in a costly error for both parties, not to mention the reputation of the consultancy.


There are many actions the recruitment consultancy can take to ensure they are providing a high standard of service for candidates at all times and set themselves apart from competitors.

Job Specification

It is often the case that recruitment consultancies will provide the candidate with very little information regarding the role they are interested in. They may send a job description but they could do a better job by providing information on the dynamics of the company and the culture, as it is important that these are right for both parties. For instance, the office environment may be laid back or it could be very corporate and generally candidates will prefer to work in one or the other, otherwise they may not feel comfortable and may be unable to perform to the best of their ability.


In addition, recruitment consultancies could let candidates know more about the management team and how they like to work. Do they want the candidate to be independent and able to work on their own without much input or do they prefer to micro manage? It is important to get this right from the offset. With many people actively seeking jobs, candidates sometimes forget to asks about the cultures of the company as they are heavily focused on securing a job in the interview. If the fit is wrong it can be even more devastating for the candidate as they finally gain employment, only to be told that they are not right for the company.


Recruitment consultancies have a responsibility to make sure they match up the right people to the right jobs. If personalities clash in the working environment, it will only cause problems further down the line and no one will benefit in the long run.

Timely Responses

In order to be successful as a recruitment consultancy, it is important to view candidates as your biggest asset, instead of simply concentrating on your clients.


When candidates apply for one of your roles, you should let them know if they have been unsuccessful and if they have the right skills for the role, consultancies should always take the time to meet with the candidates and ensure they are adequately briefed on the role. Candidates expect a certain level of professionalism from their consultancy and if they are not offering this, they may look at other options.


Recruitment consultants should always take the time to meet up with candidates to discuss the role in length, this gives both parties the opportunity to ask questions and determine whether it is the right role/company for them.


There are many recruitment consultancies, so candidates can afford to shop around. If you don’t want to lose out on talented individuals, it is important to nurture the relationship with your candidates. If you have met up with a candidate and put them forward for a role, always stay in touch with them to keep them updated on progress, even if you don’t have much to discuss. They will appreciate that you have taken the time to do this and make them feel valued. Provide candidates with information on realistic time-scales from interview stage to offer, so they are not left wondering what is happening.


If a candidate has taken the time to attend an interview, it is only fair that you offer them feedback on this, rather than concentrating only on the successful candidate. If possible, consultants should invite the candidate back into the office following their interview, so they can discuss it in more detail. It will help both parties understand more about what the organisation is looking for and the needs of the candidate.


It may simply be that it was the wrong fit for the candidate and by providing feedback; it will help them understand more about what they are looking for.


A recruitment consultancy can do a better job if they offer more services than simply placing a candidate in a role. If you have a talented candidate with good experience and skills, but you feel they may not thrive in an interview, you can offer them advice and tips so that they are more likely to be offered the job.


It is a good idea to also offer advice on CV writing to ensure that it stands out. The more time you invest in talented candidates, the more you will get from them, which will help both parties in the long run.


Recruitment consultancies should always make candidates feel comfortable and be there to provide support on looking for a job whenever it is needed.


Recruitment consultancies can provide a better service by managing candidate’s expectations and keeping clear, open lines of communication. It is not enough to simply provide a basic job description and hope for the best, it is important to match candidates with the right employer, so both parties can get the most from the working relationship. The wrong fit will damage the reputation of the recruitment consultancy and may lead to irreparable issues down the line. Taking the time to listen to both the candidate and the company will lead to a good match and long working relationship.


Peter Forshaw, Managing Director, Maxwell Stephens

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