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In the modern recruitment world, candidates are spoilt for choice when it comes to searching for their perfect job. So much choice in fact, that it is becoming increasingly difficult for employers to stand out from the crowd and attract the top talent. Savvy top-tier professionals know what they are worth, and can afford to be much more selective when it comes to their job search. Recruitment is not a one-way street; employers cannot sit back and assume that the best people will come to them, they need to lure them in! This is particularly true in the competitive market of Facilities Management, and here are just a few things that employers need to consider when it comes to recruiting the top talent in this industry.


Set your sights!


When it comes to recruitment, you may feel like you need your advert to gain as much exposure as possible to have the best chance of generating as many of those all-important applications as possible. There may be cases where this “mass-market” strategy is the most appropriate route to go down, however attracting the top talent for the most senior roles is a niche business – employers should not be casting the widest net possible, they should be angling for a prize catch.  The best candidates will not be endlessly trawling job boards and sending hundreds of speculative applications to as many potential employers as possible, in fact they may not even be actively in the job market.


Employers have to really think about the profile of their ideal candidate, their motivations, their situation, and tailor the recruitment strategy accordingly. For example, it is highly unlikely that the best candidates for a Global Facilities Director role would respond to a short, uninspired job advert on a generalist job board. Having the right recruitment strategy and tactics in mind will help to attract the right people, as well as saving valuable time, effort and money on potentially ineffective recruitment activities.


Digital Brand


In this digital age, it goes without saying that a company’s online presence plays an important part in how they are perceived, and this is particularly true for potential employees. A company’s website will often be the first port of call for top candidates for more information and to get a better feel for the organisation and what they can offer.


Websites will obviously vary depending upon the company, their industry, customers, purpose etc, however including an in-depth careers section can be a good way to sell your organisation to the best candidates. This could include information on company history, the corporate culture and values, testimonials from current employees and case studies.


The pitch


Operating in the Facilities Management Recruitment sector for over decade has given us a keen insight into the general attitudes and motivations of FM professionals, and we can confidently say that it’s definitely not all about the money (have a look at some of our Salary Surveys). You need to carefully consider how the job and organisation are sold to potential employees. It would be beneficial to highlight what you can offer other than salary and package (ongoing career opportunities, flexible working, a chance to make a real impact etc).


Don’t sugar coat it.


There may be certain aspects of the organisation or role which could be “unattractive” to many candidates. In these cases, there is always the temptation for employers to either sugar coat these unattractive aspects, or omit them altogether. Don’t do it. In the case of an FM position maybe there are some particularly challenging tenants to deal with; issues with service providers; frequent stress-inducing Health and Safety incidents. Whatever the challenge may be, don’t lie about it. Top tier candidates can and will sniff out any issues with the job quickly, so honesty is always the best policy. Ultimately you need to find someone who can handle the job, and painting a false picture at the recruitment is not good for anyone. Employees who learn about the less-desirable aspects after they start the job will certainly feel misled, possibly underperform as a result, and even quit if the deceit is bad enough.


These are just a few of the factors to consider when trying to attract the top talent. If you find that your recruitment efforts are producing the calibre of candidates you need, the team at Maxwell Stephens will be happy to help. You can get in touch via or give us a call on 0207 118 4848.


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