“The emotional connection between people and places will always be there.” A conversation with Tahera Hammond.

I was recently lucky enough to speak with Tahera Hammond MIWFM Global Head of Facilities Management for Ninety One, as part of our ‘Revitalisation of the Workplace’ series of interviews.

The topics discussed included: How you get to where you are now in Facilities Management, the challenges and opportunities that have arisen in recent times, tips for new entrants in the sector, about the huge project that Tahera has completed and the future of the industry including new ways of working and the potential evolution of the workplace. Watch the interview below.


There may still be a level of uncertainty around returning to the workplace, however it is apparent that things are starting to move in the right direction. In the coming weeks and months we may start to see a gradual return to the workplace for many people, and FM professionals are going to play a huge part in getting the UK ready for work again. From social distancing guidance to advanced cleaning procedures, providing a safe and efficient workplace will be a daunting task for even the most skilled FMs out there.


The team at Maxwell Stephens have put together this guide to provide key decision makers in businesses an overview of the primary areas to be considered as they prepare the workplace for repopulation in a new, post-lockdown world. 

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