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The FM Job Search Compendium

Figures show that one in seven workers in the UK were made redundant from their jobs since the start of the recession. As a result, many people find themselves with the choice to either stay in the same career path and find a similar role, or opt for new opportunities.

With the uncertain economy, business’s are needing to run as smoothly as ever to ensure productivity, which has allowed for FM to emerge as a key business discipline.


The facilities management market in the UK alone is worth in excess of £100bn. With such a thriving industry, its not surprising that people are seeking employment in the sector. A role in FM requires you to organise and take over the ‘non-core’ services of a company so that they function efficiently. Therefore you will expected to complete a host of jobs from plumbing to budget control, no two days are the same.


If the above sounds appealing, and you are looking to enter the world of facilities management, you’ll be pleased to hear that Maxwell Stephens have created an eBook that could prove useful.  As experts in facilities management recruitment, we decided to share our knowledge and create a detailed eBook containing all the information you need to know about working in FM. It discusses the best strategies to use when looking for a FM role, and how increase your chances of securing a job. The FM Job Search Compendium is worth a read if you are considering a career change, or want to explore facilities management.


To obtain your free copy please visit We will send the compendium to your email address once we have received your request.


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