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The Importance of a Healthy Work-Life Balance


Having a healthy work/life balance has become increasingly crucial for the working population over time, especially following the horrors of Covid-19. A shift in attitudes, especially in recent years, suggest that an increasing number of people feel that there is more to life than working longer hours for a bigger pay cheque!

From the long hours spent inside during the pandemic, it brought time to think. Some of us relaxed, worked on new skills, or even created businesses. As a nation we we were given time to think of what we really want and it is clear that a healthy work and life balance has become even more desirable. This may involve flexible hours, shorter weeks or even more holidays.

With 53% of our recent salary survey respondents working unsociable hours at least several times a month, and 21% of them working these type of hours several times a week, it shows how restrictive work can be in terms of allowing free time to spend with family and friends. 

A healthy work/life balance isn’t just beneficial to employees, it can also have numerous benefits from an employers perspective. Below are just a few of the advantages of a better work life balance to both employees and employers…

Benefits To Employers

Benefits To Employees

Better staff retention

Research suggests that reduced staff turnover saves a business £16,000 per employee on average. With a better work/life balance , employees will be satisfied and less likely to leave therefore keeping motivation high and added costs low.


Increased Productivity

Having staff in a healthy mindset, working flexible hours and enjoying their rewards from working helps them and the company to perform at their best.


Improved morale

We all know that improved morale in a workplace has a direct impact on improving business performance. Employees knowing they have time to spend with their family after work  leads to more passion put into their work.


More applicants 

Taking into account 84% of job seekers say the reputation of the company is crucial as an employee, having flexible working practices can have a substantial positive impact on candidates wanting to work for the business.


Greater staff engagement

Engaged staff bring support along a businesses journey through reliability and trust. This allows an employer to delegate tasks knowing they will be complete.


Improved customer service

Through most of the above, such as greater engagement, improved morale, and increased productivity, it is very likely that customer service will improve as a result. This benefits the brand image, sales and overall customer satisfaction. 

Feel more valued

Having a boss and company that cares about your life outside of work can truly touch home , this makes employees within the company feel more respected and valued for the job  they are doing 


Reduced stress

No employee wants work on their mind 24/7, nor do they want to think about the time they are missing out on with their family. Knowing they have time to spend time with the people they love dramatically reduces stress.


Better focus

Working long restrictive hours weekly can be detrimental to employees and their performance. This is due to tiredness and therefore lack of focus. By offering more flexible work weeks it allows employees to be in full focus for the hours they do work. 


Improved mental health & wellbeing

Everybody wants to be settled and in control of their life. With work being a central part of everyone’s life, having that healthy balance between work and family life is crucial for their well being.


Increased creative thinking

Allowing staff to be more proactive in their lives stems from not overloading their thoughts and everyday life with work. This extra time to think is what allows people to come up creative solutions , innovate and progress.


Personal Progression

Allowing staff to have decision making power over their work and life can benefit them massively. It can encourage them to become more confident in decision making and therefore more assertive. Bringing greater potential for progression and improved performance.

FM Salary Survey

A better work/life balance has certainly become increasingly sought after in the world of FM as shown in our recent Salary Survey results. You can read more about this trend as well as the demographic makeup of the industry, levels of remuneration, working life, responsibilities, and career attitudes and motivations.


As well as providing an in-depth insight into the industry, the information in this report can help you make more informed decisions, whether you’re a candidate looking for the next step in your career, or you’re an employer looking to recruit.

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