The Mood of Caution in Facilities Management

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If you have read any of the broadsheet newspapers recently you will have seen the message is quite cautionary.


This mood of caution is reflected in the dramatic increasing tendency Maxwell Stephens have seen to hire non-permanent staff on fixed term contracts. These interim candidates can on most occasions make an immediate impact with little or no training. The employer can generally expect a much higher standard in terms of experience; find the right qualifications they have perhaps been struggling to find and conceivably achieve an even greater motivation from the individual. After-all the interim employee will work by the hour or by the day.


On the whole there seems to be less risk involved in engaging an interim worker. Clients often use it as an opportunity to assess the suitability of the candidate prior to offering a permanent contract.


This interim to permanent option seems to be increasingly popular in the Facilities Management recruitment marketplace.


Maxwell Stephens have seen a 51% growth in this area over the last year in comparison to the previous year.

Every business can benefit from being responsive to the ever present changing economy and working environment. Functioning with a proportion of interim mangers is beneficial for businesses; they are expert at integrating into environments and driving change, turning projects around and communicating with key stakeholders without fear of raising any delicate issues. If you have new projects on the go, or a restructuring or relocation on the agenda; if you are suddenly hit by holiday or sickness absence, or you simply need an extra pair of skilled hands – a temporary or interim staff solution could be the perfect answer.


We have a wide experience in interim management recruitment in many different industries where facilities management is important. At Maxwell Stephens, we maintain an extensive database of high quality candidates who are available immediately on a flexible basis. This covers a wide range of skills, experience and expertise – which means we can almost certainly help, whatever the challenge you face. Whether you are a career-minded individual, a small to medium size enterprise or a major multinational.

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