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The Vital Role of Recruiters

The Recruitment Consultancy Industry Will Not Wither Due To Up-and-Coming RPOs and In-house Recruiters

Sourcing talent is still a leading challenge, according to executive boards of most organisations and companies. Even so, cutting recruitment costs seems to bethe current priority. Outsourcing the recruitment process is one manner in which organisations save costs. They either develop an in-house recruitment team or contract out to a recruitment process outsourcing organisation, known as RPO.


Many recruiters actually doubted the efficiency of both in-house teams and RPO. However, despite the controversy of the topic, it is important to admit that RPOs and in-house recruitment teams play a vital role in the future of recruitment. In fact, it is noteworthy to make public that with their presence within the industry they will keep the ecosystem balanced in a delicate manner.


Both in-house recruitment teams and RPO models are expected to provide process-driven service at low-level, sooner or later. The idea of gathering all labour costs and contingent permanent hires in one invoice to be paid monthly seems quite advantageous; not to mention the benefits beneath transferring the responsibility of scaling the recruitment organisation up or down to a third party.


Furthermore, it is essential for both in-house resourcing team and RPO models to acknowledge their symbiotic relationship with recruitment organisations. Flourishing companies admit that their existence on site with their clients depends on the key performance indicators, known as KPIs. These performance metrics portray the developing quality of service and costs.


The tenure on site of the in-house recruitment teams and RPO models also depends on the distribution of future talents. This reinforces the need to acknowledge and recognise expert recruiters who can effectively and efficiently serve the hard-to-source talent.


At board level, talent succession planning, filling ratios and the time to hire are fundamental areas of analytics. Actually, in a PwC global survey conducted recently, it was revealed that more chief executive officers are likely to use new techniques in retention strategies and talent attraction, instead of adjusting their techniques in managing risks.


This is due to the fact that CEOs desire to hire high potential employees or middle-management professionals. Another reason why CEOs covet this type of employee is that they are afraid of losing. These professionals have the potential to innovate and the future of the company depends on them. If they stop sourcing high-potential leaders, companies will strain.


This is the crucial fact of talent souring today. One in four CEO respondents, who participated in the survey, admitted that many business practices are held behind due to lack of talent. The inability to pursue market opportunities and the need to delay or cancel strategic initiatives were leading examples given by the CEOs.


Another concern of one in three CEOs is the fact that the shortage of skills weakens the company’s potential to innovate.


Thus, the current recruitment ecosystem is still not proficient enough to solve the requirements on talent attraction for the biggest companies in the world. It seems that the system is not sufficiently effective in mobilising the right talents in line with right opportunities, and in the right environment. Moreover, unemployment persists among highly skilled individuals.


What is essential to the system is the presence of niche professional recruiters such as Maxwell Stephens. Unquestionably, the entire ecosystem will become more efficient if the recruitment industry adjusts its processes to ensure the core needs of the clients are fulfilled. The prior need of every company is to deliver talents effectively.

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