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Tips for Running a Successful Recruitment Open Day

A recruitment open day can be great for any business looking to attract the best talent. It allows you to meet candidates on an informal basis and get to know them over a longer period than a standard interview. You can really showcase your business, and the team that you work with. It’s also great for the candidate as it gives them chance to ask questions and get a feel for the working environment.

Here are 5 things every recruitment open day should be…



The key to success is to be well prepared. Meet with your team well in advance to discuss plans for the day and get their ideas for how it should be run. Think about the areas you want to share with the candidates, current or previous work that you might want to showcase or demonstrations by individual members of your team.



The biggest plus of a recruitment open day is the fact you get to know the candidates better than a standard interview, so rather than just passing on information, give the candidates space and time to ask their own questions. Encourage your team to chat with the visitors to get a feel of who they are and why they’re interested in working for the company.



Making the day informal will mean you’ll get the most from the candidates. You’ll see how they operate in a social setting, and get a picture of whether they’ll fit in with the culture of your business. Try to recreate your daily working environment, if it’s lively and informal, make sure the open day feels that way too.



It sounds a little obvious, but if you’re inviting people for a whole day make sure you supply lunch and refreshments. It will keep everyone motivated throughout the day, and provide more social situations to get to know the candidates.



If you want to attract the best talent to the day, you need to make sure you promote it well in the places they’re looking. Reach out to them via trade publications, social media and online forums – the last thing you want is two people turning up when you’ve prepared for 30!
Why not create a dedicated landing page on your website, so people get a great impression before they’ve even stepped through the door.

Running a successful open day can lead you to the best talent, as well as providing a great team building event for your current team. Good luck!

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