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Tips for Successful Video Interviewing

As technology slowly integrates further into our modern world, video interviews are becoming the new way to expedite the interview process and bring candidates and employers closer together, faster than before.

No different than a traditional face to face interview, preparation is key for a successful video interview with advance planning bearing a tremendous amount of weight in a remote interview, showing your organisational skills and your drive to succeed with prepared questions, resume and equipment.


To ensure that your video interview is just as successful as a face to face interview would be, there are some tips on offer to help you stand out and prove your suitability as the best candidate for the position on offer.


› Plan and prepare yourself as if you were planning to attend a face to face interview.

› Ensure the employer has your resume and covering letter before the interview begins.


Practice with your equipment and test it more than once for complete confidence that everything is ready and waiting for the interview to begin, if you’re unsure on how your video equipment works in order to conduct the interview successfully, ask for assistance.


Detail your previous experience and skills throughout your resume and covering letter to further highlight your skills and attributes as the best candidate for the position on offer.


› Make sure your webcam is in the right position for the interview.


You need to be able to make eye contact with the employer as you would during a face to face interview, and if your webcam is in the wrong place or at a wrong angle, your personality may not come across to the employer, an important part of an interview.


› Remember, throughout the video interview, your microphone will pick up all sounds in the room.


Prepare your equipment in a quiet area where you are confident you will be able to pay full attention to the interview throughout the duration.


› Dress appropriately and professionally, as you would for a face to face interview.

› Ensure the area around you is clean, free of clutter and not detracting from you as the candidate.


Remember the employer can still see you throughout the interview without it being face to face so ensure you look smart.


› Prepare questions, answers and listen to what the employer has to say.

› Show your skills, attributes and willingness to work hard and progress within the company.


Confidence is a key part for an employer to make his candidate selection, so make sure you offer your personality as well as your skills throughout your interview, proving yourself as the best candidate for the role.


Fast, inexpensive and useful, video interviews are becoming the future of employment, and with advanced planning, intricate preparation and an ability to conduct a video interview as professionally as a social one, you can succeed and excel in a video interview with an employer, highlighting your skills, attributes and confidence as the best candidate for any position.

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