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Top Interviewing Tips for Facilities Management Recruitment Success

The interview process is even more important than what you put on your CV. You’ve impressed on paper and now it’s time to really win the employer over.


Particularly true in Facilities Management, this is the crucial point at which you have to really sell why you’re the best candidate out of everyone else they may have seen.


This is an extremely competitive industry. You have to stand out from the crowd and really prove that you are the best possible choice for the company if you’re ever going to get the job.

Follow Maxwell Stephens’ top tips for your FM interview to give yourself the best possible chance for success.


Focus on your qualities


If you get the chance to interview for a position you need to give it all you’ve got. Whether it’s through the company directly or a facilities management recruitment firm, you must focus on all your qualities.


Now is not the time to be modest or sell yourself short. So maybe you’re not the most experienced FM candidate out there but you don’t have to point that out. Lead with your positives. Maybe what you don’t have in experience you make up for in passion and ambition. Some employers will value this even more. Make sure you go in there and talk about all the qualities that make you their ideal FM and keep quiet about everything else.


Practice what you’re going to say


Take a look at your CV again. What might the employer have seen in it to offer you the interview? Think about what makes you the right candidate. What skills you can offer the company? Be sure to tell the interviewer examples of your successes.


Preparing and practicing what you’re going to say in the interview will help to calm your nerves. Your words will flow from your mouth in a clear and coherent fashion; avoiding the infamous interview babbling. Many recruitment professionals say interviewers remember vividly the candidates with cases of extreme nerves. That’s not good – they remember the nerves but not what you say. So, before you go in, quell your nerves to make sure your skills and experience are recognised and recalled.


Familiarise yourself with the building in question, if possible


In Facilities Management, the building is everything. So, knowing the client’s building in your interview could greatly influence your answers.


Sometimes, it’s possible to get a tour of the building prior to interview. At least, ask the question. If that’s not possible, learn all you can from the internet and any other source you can get your hands on. This will help you to answer making reference to the client’s building when you’re asked about your ability to perform certain tasks.


It’ll really impress the interviewer that you’ve taken the time to learn about the building you could be working in and that you’ve come fully prepared for the interview.


Talk about your credentials


The only one who is going to bring it up is you. All your unique qualifications and education, all the time and effort you’ve put into getting where you are. You don’t want to leave your interview wishing you had said something.


Whether it’s on your CV or not, make sure you highlight all important points to your FM recruiter. It could very well be the tie-breaker that gets you the job over someone else!


Learn about the position


Find out every possible detail about the position you’re interviewing for. There may be certain tasks that you’ve done before in a previous position that you could use to your advantage or others you’re eager to learn. Your interviewer will see hundreds of candidates and if you know exactly what you’re responsible for doing, it’ll make things a lot easier for the both of you.

Take your time answering questions!


Interviews can be pretty scary. You will likely feel pressured being bombarded with questions and mock situations, particularly if being put on the spot isn’t your cup of tea.


It’s not a quiz show and, as far as we know, none of the interviewers have a buzzer. You’re allowed to take your time and think before you answer to make sure it really is how you would deal with a particular scenario. Your interviewer would rather you wait a moment than have you blurt out the first thing that comes into your head.


Be ready for anything


During an FM recruitment interview, you may be asked to do anything. As FM roles are so diverse, it makes sense for the employer to want to see how you react. This could include solving maths problems, working a day in the building, shadowing or walking the facilities.


Be ready for anything and embrace it. Don’t show your surprise to the interviewer – prove to them that you can roll with the punches and get the job done.


Interviews, and the run up to them, are complicated and stressful. Please do read our other blog posts for more in-depth advice on interviews, CV, applying for jobs and the world of Facilities Management.


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