Turn Down that Counter Offer in Facilities Management

There is a reason you started looking for a new facilities job and while an increase in salary may have been your motivation there were probably other reasons why you started your job search; for instance it could be you dislike your boss/colleagues or you are not challenged by your workload or there has been a lack of recognition for your effort.

These reasons aren’t going to change and once the initial flattery of a counter offer has worn off these factors will start to bother you again, they don’t go away!


Counter offers in the facilities management industry are often made by employers in a moment of panic. They don’t want to do without the knowledge and go through the challenges of recruiting somebody new into the role and to train them up.


However if you do accept the counter offer you will probably find your relationship with your boss has changed; at the back of their mind they will be wondering your commitment and loyalty to the company. If redundancies crop up in the future you may find yourself top of the pile.

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