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Using the Festive Season to the Advantage of your Business

business people at Christmas

Facilities Management recruitment has evolved so much over the past 10-15 years. Of course, business would tend to go on shut down over the Christmas period, but now with technology allowing us to keep in contact 24 hours a day via email and mobile phones, the dynamic of the industry has really shifted.


We’ve gone from a 9-5 world and catapulted into the 24/7 lifestyle where it’s all go, turnaround time is shorter and competition is stronger. Because of this, we’re stacked with work all of the time and we have less time to build the relationships we want with our clients.


This is where the Christmas period will allow you to really take advantage of the time we have when it’s much quieter than usual. Now, with the times-a-changing, we have less spare moments than in previous years, but you may have at least 5% more time during the festive period. Of course, you will have new enquiries coming in as December is drawing to a close, with a lot of people hunting for jobs over the last few weeks of December, ready for a new start in January perhaps.


But, the smallest gesture, maybe sending a card or gift, taking them out for a lunch or coffee, or even a phone call to wish them a merry Christmas can go a long way in strengthening those relationships you have with your clients.


Plan for the year ahead


Planning for the year ahead is always vital, don’t leave it until you get back after the break. Although you may feel like everyone is winding down, you need to use this time wisely. How are you going to drive new business in 2017? Putting a strategy in place will mean you can get started on it straight away after New Year.


Check in with candidates


Perhaps candidates are thinking about their plans for the year ahead, most people do at this time of year. Why not check in on them to find out exactly what their plans are? This will give you that advantage over your competitors as you will be one step ahead of the game. If you need someone to do that for you, then specialist recruitment agencies like us will help you do just this, as well as saving you time. We can help candidates streamline their search while also further building trust in your company.


Check in with clients


Call in on a fact finding mission to see what how your clients have found your service over the last year, what you can do to improve it over the next year. Remember that the best companies ensure that their clients are happy with their service, and if you are one step ahead before January comes around, then that’s a bonus.


If you’re interested in getting in touch with us now, or in the new year, and you’re looking to either fill your roles, or you’re looking for a facilities management job, then call us on 0207 118 48 48 or

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Request the New Maxwell Stephens 2016 Facilities Management Salary Survey

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