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Do you Want to Work in Facilities Management? Then Get Qualified!

Facilities Management is a fast growing profession as more businesses realise that strategic planning helps to cut costs and lower risks. Companies are looking for people who have good organisational skills and can communicate effectively at all levels.

People who have worked in or have a good knowledge of the following sectors also make good candidates for this type of work:


› Engineering
› IT
› Hospitality
› Accountancy
› Security


The National Careers Service gives a good outline of what skills, qualifications and training are required to work in Facilities Management and they also supply information about working conditions, income, activities and job market information.


However at the moment, in the UK there are more people looking to fill a Facilities Management role than there are jobs and this means that the recruitment process has to stick to certain parameters in the selection process.


Experience v. Qualifications


Two of the most important criteria are experience and qualifications. However, if it comes down to two people applying for a position who have exactly the same type of experience, then the person who has the relevant qualifications will normally get the job.


Whilst in some jobs experience counts more than qualifications, Facilities Management isn’t really one of them anymore. Yes, you can find work with experience only, but most companies will want you to have several years in a Facilities Management role backed up by qualifications, that’s a slow climb up the ladder.


From School Leavers to University Graduates


Training and qualifications in Facilities Management range from school leavers with GCSEs, who can study for an entry level certificate, up to University graduates with a Batchelor or Master’s Degree who can study for a Diploma.


There are in fact 7 levels of study, three of which are for students who do not have a university degree, so obtaining a qualification is open to everyone. The British Institute of Facilities Management has a lot of information on how to gain qualifications on their website.


Support to Management


Whilst experience is valuable, a qualification can provide a structured learning experience that gives a tailored skill set. People who don’t want to climb the corporate ladder, but are happy in a supporting role can study for level 2, 3 or 4 qualifications, whilst those people who want to climb to the top can study at level 5 and 6.


Study Methods


If you want to study at college or university on a full time basis there will be courses to suit you at educational establishments around the country. If you can’t commit to full time education then you can gain the qualifications through distance or online courses. If you want to study levels 2 to 5, there are also apprenticeship schemes. The British Institute of Facilities Management also has a wide range of training courses available.


Obtaining the right qualifications for the job you want to do will give you the confidence to apply for more challenging positions, help you to climb the promotional ladder and get a better salary.

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