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We are optimistic for 2021 - Here's some reason why...

Considering the disastrous year we’ve just emerged from and the equally dismal start to 2021, the lingering pessimism for what 2021 holds in store is more than understandable. Despite the challenges we’re all facing on a global scale, the team here at Maxwell Stephens feel that there are a lot of reasons to look on the bright side and be optimistic for 2021…

A (dim) light at the end of the tunnel

Despite numerous glimmers of hope throughout the past year or so, it seems that with the introduction and rollout of the vaccination programme there may (touch wood) be a light at the end of this long dark tunnel. We’re not under any illusions that this will be a quick transition, however we’re hopeful that we may start to see a gradual easing of restrictions in the coming months. In our opinion this should start to encourage a shift in business and consumer confidence, which is reflected in the results of a recent Business Confidence Survey we carried out.

A sense of community

One of the main positives to emerge from the past year is the tremendous sense of community brought about by our shared struggle. Whether it’s applauding our frontline health workers, or simply being considerate for others by wearing a facemask in outdoor spaces, the pandemic has put us all in the same boat and instilled a sense of shared responsibility and community spirit. We think this enhanced community spirit will continue well into the future and hopefully usher in an era of kindness and consideration for the wider community.

Change is not always a bad thing.

A new US presidency; a renewed focus on reducing carbon emissions; Brexit; there’s a lot of changes going on, and although change can be scary, we think these changes can provide a whole host of opportunities. For example, on 20th January, the US officially re-joined the Paris Agreement thereby vowing to reduce carbon emissions and focus on renewable energy and reducing the reliance on fossil fuels. In addition to the obvious positive impact on the global environment, the potential growth within the industry could create millions of jobs worldwide.

No more taking things for granted!

Imagine being able to meet up with a couple friends for a quick drink; visit your Mum for a free Sunday Dinner, or just do your food shopping without queueing beforehand. A couple of years ago these activities may not have even registered as a privilege, but it this new pandemic era, even the minor activities we all took for granted will be appreciated so much more. 

The new workplace?

Operating in the world of Facilities Management recruitment, the impact that the pandemic has had on the “traditional” workplace and corporate real estate could easily be a cause for concern for professionals in our position. Although there has been a significant impact on how and where we work, we are optimistic that there will be the same, if not an increased demand for corporate real estate moving forward.


Although many people may have been able to effectively work remotely, there are still significant disadvantages to having a remote, dispersed workforce. Shared office spaces will still be needed to meet, share ideas, collaborate, and even just socialise with colleagues. We may see a move towards a mixed model of office and remote working in a lot of organisations, however the need for Corporate Real Estate will always be there.


Here at Maxwell Stephens we specialise in finding the right job for every candidate we deal with, this is achieved through our impressive client base and in depth knowledge in the field of Facilities Management!

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