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When are we going back to the office??

We recently carried out an online poll to see when the general consensus was as to when most people are expecting to return to the office. Unfortunately the results didn’t quite provide the level of clarity we were expecting. The results show that there is a relatively even spread of people either already back at the office, right through to people not returning until next year or never!


We feel that a key reason for this spread of results could be the sheer diversity of working environments Facilities Management professionals occupy – return to work plans will obviously vary significantly depending upon the business context (size of organisation, industry, products/services provided etc). 



Additionally we feel that the results of the poll also may indicate a current state of uncertainty around return to office plans. There are no set deadlines or plans in place, meaning timescales will vary for each individual.


Although there may still be a level of uncertainty around returning to the workplace, however it is apparent that things are starting to move in the right direction. In the coming weeks and months we may start to see a gradual return to the workplace for many people, and FM professionals are going to play a huge part in getting the UK ready for work again. From social distancing guidance to advanced cleaning procedures, providing a safe and efficient workplace will be a daunting task for even the most skilled FMs out there.


The team at Maxwell Stephens have put together this guide to provide key decision makers in businesses an overview of the primary areas to be considered as they prepare the workplace for repopulation in a new, post-lockdown world. 


Here at Maxwell Stephens we specialise in finding the right job for every candidate we deal with, this is achieved through our impressive client base and in depth knowledge in the field of Facilities Management!

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