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Where have all the ties gone?

business attire

As Facilities Management recruitment specialists, we spend a lot of our time meeting with professionals across all industries and working environments. Although turning up to work suited and booted every day may not be appropriate for many FM professionals, we have noticed that in many organisations, smart-casual business attire is becoming the norm. This got us thinking, is this merely a fashion choice? Or could it be indicative of changing attitudes and an evolution of corporate culture?



A recent poll of over 2,000 professionals found that only 1 in 10 employees now wear a suit to work, and 43% of those asked believed that the business suit no longer has a place in the office and if they saw a colleague wearing a suit to work they would stick out like a sore thumb, with some people going as far to say wearing a suit to work is old-fashioned and outdated. For many professionals, their work attire will be heavily dependent upon the industry and position they work in. For example, smart business attire would be much more of an expectation in a law firm in comparison to say a software or tech company.



We at Maxwell Stephens would like to know the trend and attitudes towards business attire in the FM sector. Please take a couple of minutes to answer a few questions below…


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