Why You Should Gain Feedback After an Interview

Whenever things don’t go your way after a job interview, nothing is more frustrating than not knowing why you may not have landed the job. This is why asking for feedback during your job search can be extremely beneficial in helping you improve and do better the next time.

The problem is, that most of the time we’re afraid of asking for feedback or we’re worried about what we might hear, so we don’t bother. To be successful in your job search, this feedback is critical and you must be willing to ask for it.

Feedback is crucial to understanding your strengths and weaknesses, as it gives you the opportunity to work towards increasing your chances of getting a job in the future. We know that it can sometimes be difficult to gain feedback however, but you must remain vigilant until you obtain exactly what you need.

It’s not just interviewers who can give you feedback, you can also ask your previous co-workers on how they viewed you. They can give you tips on your mannerisms and working style, as well as advice on where you could potentially improve. You can also hire a professional to offer advice if you’re heading to an important interview. A recruitment company can offer this, as well as anything from CV tips to interview guidance, and even observation of your body language and voice tone.

Sometimes feedback can seem like criticism but try not to view it that way. Think of is as a means of improving yourself, and increasing your employability.

For more information on how best to ask for feedback if you have been unsuccessful in your job interview, watch our video below:

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