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Workplace Time Wasters And How To Avoid Them


Feeling overloaded with work? Jobs not making as much progress as they should be? A big contributing factor to this could be those people in your office who may be wasting your valuable work time. The ideal workplace is a space where everyone does their job, collaborates and helps one another. Sadly this is rarely found around an entire workplace. Additionally, you may find yourself procrastinating in a variety of ways, which not only wastes your time, but will really impact your productivity as well.

The least you can do is try to identify and avoid these ‘time wasters’, below are a few methods we recommended when trying to do this;

1. Excessive Breaks

Taking your mind and eyes away from the screen for short periods during the work day is more than a good idea and there is nothing saying you shouldn’t do this. The issue arises when people really push that time away from their desk, going to the toilet every 20 minutes, taking themselves to the smoking area multiple times per hour and visiting that coffee machine far more often than needed. Doing this can easily waste hours in the given workday which could otherwise be spent on their workload or a project. 

One method that can be used to avoid employees partaking in this form of time wasting is setting times that employees are allowed in the break room (2-3 times a day), with this you must be relatively leniency. This leniency may involve letting employees stand up and stretch or take a seat back for a minute or two to get away from the screen.

2. Social Media

With this from of distraction being so easily accessible via many platforms and devices such as your phone and computer, it is certainly one of the biggest time wasting factor in any work environment. The urge to scroll continuously to get that dopamine release, acting as a temporary fix to mood,  is tempting. It is quick, easy and most certainly enjoyable, but it is crucial that you resist.

Believe it or not there are methods that can massively help you resist scrolling through your phone. One of the methods is to use settings on whatever device you use and create settings on how long you can use certain apps for per day, how visible and acknowledgeable your screen time is and what apps you actually store on your device. 

These features can help you understand how much you use your online and for what reasons you are racking up those screen time hours.

3. Unhealthy Nutrition Habits

At first glance it may not be thought to be a factor of time wasting in the office however the food your body takes in can directly impact your mood, motivation and ability to get work done. 

Simply stay away from those foods that hold high sugar levels. This type of food gives you an initial boost and then is followed by a crash, leaving you day dreaming and lethargic. 

One of the key and most simple habits to follow is to ensure you have a water bottle at you desk that you regularly fill up, hydration helps us to maintain the energy stores in our body. The internet is a great place to gain nutritional knowledge, online businesses can even prepare and send you readily prepped healthy meals containing high protein and vegetables for added brain power.

4. Procrastination

Its the killer, the living nightmare, there is no factor larger than this and no one on this planet can say they have never experienced it. Have you ever sat back, looked at a task for an hour expecting something to appear on the page? Yep that’s procrastination. Have you ever left emails in your inbox for weeks ,no matter how simple the task, for weeks? Yep that’s again procrastination doing what it does best.

In simple terms, it is simply the action of delaying or postponing a task. Procrastinating in the workplace can lead to workers leaving important task and instead spending their time on literally anything that isn’t related to the work. This may include browsing the internet, long breaks or simply just staring at the wall, i mean is work really that boring?

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