Maxwell Stephens

Would Premier League Footballers Make for Good Facility Managers?

Strong communication skills are at the top of the list for most Facility Management positions. With the responsibility of delegating tasks and proposing new ideas, instructions must be given clearly. Another key trait which is vital for success within facilities management is leadership – being able to develop others and help them to improve. They should be competent and know how to get things done effectively with no stress.

Premier league footballers are at the highest level in the world and so they are used to performing under pressure. They know what it takes to win when necessary. Club captains are the obvious choice as they have been given responsibility to take control of the team whilst on the pitch. They are commanding, confident and know how to get each and every teammate to play to their best.

Penalty takers know how it feels to have everything depend on them, with just one decision. Millions of people worldwide will see the outcome and it can be the difference between winning and losing. The ability to stay calm under pressure, regardless of the occasion, and score shows true confidence and composure – a highly commendable trait to possess as a leader.

The best leaders and managers are willing to put others before themselves, they are happy to miss out on praise, promotions or bonuses by helping the people around them to succeed. To them, that is more valuable than any personal accolade or success. A player willing to pass the ball across goal when one-on-one with the goalkeeper, miss out on the chance of scoring themselves and instead provide a teammate with an open goal shows the mentality of a good Facility Manager.

The best way to measure leadership capabilities is to observe the development of the people being led. The greatest leaders will pass on everything they know to the people around them in the hopes of further boosting their performance. Great leaders, will make the people around them even greater.

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