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Are YouTube videos a valuable resource for self improvement?

Each day there are millions of videos uploaded to YouTube, all containing vastly different content. Many of these videos are able to benefit your career and life in general, especially in regards to self-improvement. With the sheer amount of content available, it can be difficult to find valuable information from informed sources or find videos that will be helpful to your personal circumstances. However if you’re willing to do a bit of digging you can find some fantastic content that can truly support your self-improvement journeys and ultimately enrich your life.

This kind of content can often be discovered under the self-improvement umbrella; which contains video documentations from athletes to entrepreneurs. You can find everything from podcast interviews, to best practices from top leaders and companies and bite-sized tips to improve leadership skills.

Are self-improvement channels really useful?

Motivation usually underpins success, and so it stands to reason that one of the keys to becoming successful is to gain motivation. This is a difficult task, leading to individuals becoming invested in others who are already successful and taking tips from them which are already tried and tested. YouTube is the home to millions of self-improvement videos which can aid both your career and lifestyle aspirations. But how do you decide which to watch and which to ignore? This often comes down to trial and error – watching countless videos until you discover creators which resonate with you. Once you have found a channel which creates content that appeals to you, watching through its videos can become the starting point for the coming improvements within your career and life. It often takes watching somebody else on their own path to success, for you to implement changes to your own life.


It is through observing the changes made by others that we implement new-found techniques into our own lives. These techniques don’t always have to be monumental life-changes, it can be the smallest of amendments to daily life that make the biggest difference. For example, waking up early is a staple piece of advice that is often provided, shown to boost productivity within the workplace and ultimately result in a more successful career. Doing this allows for work to begin earlier, with fewer distractions such as news alerts or texts/ emails from friends, family and work colleagues. It can also reduce stress due to providing extra time before beginning work, meaning that you can start the day the way that you want to – starting the day stress-free often means that the rest of the day is stress-free too. 

YouTube can prepare us for new challenges in our career

These aforementioned videos provide inspiration and motivation to succeed within all aspects of your life, but on top of this, there are videos available which can provide clear-cut advice to prepare you for new situations and challenges in your career. Thousands of channels provide short and concise videos which help individuals in the world of work to get more from their career. An example of this may be channels which provide interview advice or suggest improvements to enhance your communication skills.


Below we have listed some of the most popular self improvement channels and content creators to get your YouTube binge started.

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