Consultancy Services

As well as directly providing first class recruitment services within the Facilities Management sector, Maxwell Stephens have supported numerous organisations as consultants to refine and enhance their recruitment practices, and ultimately strengthen their business. Recruitment is an expensive commitment; time taken to interview candidates, administration of the executive search, profiling roles, advertising jobs, all these costs can really add up – especially if you don’t have the right approach. Maxwell Stephens consultancy services cover a wide range of principles to help you get the best out of your recruitment efforts. These are just a few of the ways we can help:


When it’s done badly, recruitment can be very costly in terms of both time and money – not to mention the potential pitfalls of hiring the wrong person! A lot of the headaches that come with recruitment can be eased with a comprehensive and effective recruitment strategy. This is where we come in. Maxwell Stephens have worked with hundreds of clients across a wide range of industries and our expertise in Facilities Management recruitment is unrivalled. Using our vast knowledge and experience  our consultation services will inject some of our Maxwell Stephens magic into your strategy and ensure you are getting the best out of your recruitment efforts.



Sometimes businesses develop an urgent need for a new employee, but aren’t actually sure how to profile that need, or even what job title to attach to it. Creating the wrong job profile can have a huge impact on the calibre and suitability of the candidates that apply, as well as the reputation of the business. A key aspect of the work we do at Maxwell Stephens is creating the right job profile to best suit the needs of the client, and vitally to get the right person for the job. We can support this full process in your business – from identifying the needs of a role, to developing a completely bespoke and tailored job profile to meet these needs.



Pitching a job too low can effect the quality of candidates that apply as well completely disengage the best people for the job. Pitching it too high will obviously cost more in the short term, but also set the bar too high for future and influence existing employee salary expectations. Maxwell Stephens are experts in traversing the minefield of salary benchmarking. Our vast experience, coupled with extensive salary research and surveys, means we know exactly where to pitch jobs based on the organisation, the industry it’s in, the requirements of the role and the macroeconomic environment.




Many businesses approach recruitment without considering the actual logistics of the process. In the vast majority of recruitment projects considerable administrative input is required. This can involve anything from processing hundreds of CVs and extensive initial candidate screening, to collecting appropriate evidence and documentation to ensure a smooth onboarding process. Not having the infrastructure and procedures in place to handle this workload can significantly slow down recruitment, causing a lack of efficiency and potentially alienating the best candidates. Maxwell Stephens can help to ensure that your recruitment administration runs as smoothly and efficiently as possible to achieve the optimal results.



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