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Engineering Assistant Job Description

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Job Summary

Assistant Engineers work on engineering projects and typically report to the Senior Engineer. They can be employed in civil, chemical, electrical, or manufacturing engineering fields and typically assist with the design, development, and evaluation of processes and products.

[It is also a good idea to give some brief background information about your organisation e.g. company size, how long you’ve been in operation, information about specific buildings/premises etc]

Key Responsibilities

[Obviously these responsibilities will vary depending on your organisation and requirements, however we have listed a wide range of potential Head of Estates key responsibilities below as a starting point.]

-Understanding and carrying out all tasks given by the Senior Engineer.

-Resolves engineering problems by collecting and analysing information, modifying engineering techniques, and performing installations.

-Collaborating with other engineers and workers to design, develop, test, and improve products and engineering processes.

-Providing assistance to different staff or engineering teams.

-Participating in various learning experiences, which may include attending workshops and training sessions.

-Determines engineering requirements by conducting inspections and analytical tests.

-Verifies engineering applications by conducting tests and inspections, building and analysing models, and conducting laboratory experiments.

-Maintains project team accomplishments by communicating essential information.

-Evaluating all products and processes and ensuring standardisation of quality assurance measures.

-Meets cost standards by preparing cost-benefit analyses and tracking and reporting expenses.

-Complies with codes and regulations by following requirements.

-Prepares guidelines by describing operational and testing methods and procedures.

-Maintains and improves quality results by completing quality assurance tests.

-Ensures operation of analytical equipment by calibrating equipment.

-Enhances engineering and organisation reputation by accepting ownership for accomplishing new and different requests.

-Prepares engineering reports by collecting, analysing, and summarising data and trends; discussing these findings with the senior engineer.

Knowledge and Qualifications

-Bachelor’s degree in a relevant engineering discipline is a plus

-Associates degree in a relevant engineering discipline.

-A completed apprenticeship or similar experience is recommended.

-Practical experience using CAD software may be required

Skills and personal attributes

-Ability to follow instructions and to collaborate with others.

-Excellent team player

-Strong analytical, troubleshooting, problem-solving, and communication skills.

-Excellent problem solver who brings innovative ideas

-A results-oriented professional who takes initiative

-Strong written and verbal communication skills

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