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Engineering Manager Job Description

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Job Summary

An Engineering Manager is responsible for planning and coordinating projects, alongside supervising multiple teams in the research of new products. Software development and manufacturing are also significant aspects of the role, while understanding how to manage people. 

[It is also a good idea to give some brief background information about your organisation e.g. company size, how long you’ve been in operation, information about specific buildings/premises etc]

Key Responsibilities

[Obviously these responsibilities will vary depending on your organisation and requirements, however we have listed a wide range of potential Head of Estates key responsibilities below as a starting point.]

-Proposing and managing budgets for projects.

-Researching and developing designs and products.

-Determining the need for training and talent development.

-Providing clear and concise instructions to engineering teams.

-Determine the need for training and talent development

-Hire contractors and build teams

-Lead research and development projects that produce new designs, products, and processes. 

-Check their team’s work for technical accuracy

-Manages staff and assigns tasks to engineering and technical personnel.

-Leads teams in the development of new products, solutions, and processes.

-Oversees project logistics and resource allocation.

-Secures the resources needed for teams to excel, including researching and proposing capital investments.

-Helps to create and oversee project budgets and engages in cost management strategies.

-Attends trade shows and conferences, and makes site visits to suppliers’ facilities.

-Advocates on behalf of team members by securing adequate resources for success.

-Maintains high level expertise in their field or sector.

-Forges and maintains relationships with suppliers and customers.

Knowledge, Experience and Qualifications

-Relevant training 

-Proven work experience as an Engineering Manager or similar role

-Master’s degree in engineering management, technical management, or business administration.

-Bachelor’s degree in the engineering field.

-Management experience

-Expert-level knowledge of sector technology and processes

Skills and personal attributes

-Analytical skills for evaluating information carefully and solving complex problems

-Communication skills for overseeing staff and working with other management personnel

-Maths skills, including calculus 

-Organisational skills for keeping track of various budgets, employees, and schedules simultaneously

-Personnel and project management skills

-Strategic thinking

-Leadership, team-building, and mentoring skills

-Strong communication, interpersonal, and conflict resolution skills

-Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

-Data analytics skills and experience

-Attention to detail

-Proficiency using presentation software to explain complex information to non-technical management personnel and other stakeholders

-Ability to work on multiple projects in various stages simultaneously

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