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The wrong person for the job means months of wasted time and money. Maxwell Stephens delivers real profitability and a competitive advantage to your organisation with our market-leading, proven executive search program.

Executive Search Service

There are five crucial steps Maxwell Stephens takes in its leading executive search service. Everything about our service means that the world-class candidates we place in front of you are more than capable of helping your business meet all of its goals.

There are 5 Steps to the Maxwell Stephens Executive Search Process

Stage 1 - Research

Research is key. Our senior consultant, the experienced and knowledgeable colleague in charge of your executive search, works hard to gain a full understanding of your vision and your goals. That way, we can showcase a selection of exceptional candidates for you.

This is turned into something we call your “Profile Document”. This is the guide for your executive search. We share the profile document with prospective candidates as well. We’ve found that this helps them fully comprehend what it is that you want.

The profile document describes your organisation. It summarises the responsibilities of the role we’re recruiting for you. It also acts as an outline for a candidate’s capabilities, approach and personality.

Stage 2 - Identification

Our senior consultant works through our extensive candidate database with a real eye for detail. From that, we identify a shortlist. We then interview the candidates by telephone. This is a further filter – it removes those whose skillset and experience doesn’t quite match. It’s also superb for eliminating those from the list where we feel the enthusiasm for the role isn’t there.

At this stage, we present you with the people we know will shine at interview with you and your management team.

Everyone is assessed. Nothing is left to chance. We’ll send you regular progress reports, sharing with you any valuable market information, insights, and feedback we get.

Stage 3 – Interviewing

Every candidate on your shortlist is assessed against our unique scoring matrix. That’s a handy guide for you, our client, on identifying those candidates you really wish to speak with.

Once we know the candidates you want, we set up the interviews. Ideally, they all take place in a convenient location within a day or two. At this point, select the two or three you want to move to the next stage.

From now, we work with you on the negotiation stages. We also collaborate with you on the most efficient hiring and onboarding process.

Stage 4 – Verification

Our senior consultant will proof all references, qualifications and certificates your final shortlist of candidates are claiming to have.

After this, for each candidate, we’ll share in great but easy-to-understand detail our findings in writing about every one of them with a revised matrix on their fit to your job requirements.

Stage 5 – Conclusion

You’ve now found your candidate. The person that you feel is best suited for the role ahead of them. Our senior consultant’s role now is to enable a smooth, mutually-beneficial arrangement between your company and your chosen candidate.

At every step of the way, we keep you fully informed about negotiations, agreements and acceptance.

Once your candidate has started, we keep in close contact to make sure that the transition to the new role is going really well.

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