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Any skill set, any qualification, any role – delivered. We cover the entire spectrum from the FM professional to senior management in client side organisations and property management firms. These great candidates are already with us and more join every day.

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It’s taken years to build Maxwell Stephen’s unrivalled database of facilities management staff. But all that effort has been worth it.

Better still, we keep in touch all the time with them. We really know these people. When we place one with you, we know that they’ll be exactly the right fit for your organisation. We know that they’re going to enhance our company’s reputation in the industry even further by how well they do for you.

Our records show that, once we have you as a client and you see what we do, this will be your first of many placements with us.

When you ask us to find you a reliable, skilled, experienced professional, first off we get to know you and your organisation. We work with you so closely to find out what you need from us as your partner.

From that, our highly-skilled, laser-focused team of leading recruiters put together a bespoke, fully-managed solution for you. This saves you time and money now and in the long term. This personal service to you is quality, cost-effective, and completely transparent.

At the end of the process, we have a very happy client and a very happy candidate who can’t wait to come and work on your team.

Ask clients like Prudential, Facebook, and University College London why Maxwell Stephens is their permanent facilities management recruitment firm in London. They will tell you –

  • “Your team is prompt. The managed recruitment service is highly professional”
  • “With you, we know we’ve got the best chance of finding someone quickly that’s just right” and
  • “Very cost-effective and efficient”

With our service, you have one dedicated point of contact. Whilst you’re running your organisation, your point of contact is putting to work years of skill and experience for you.

They thoroughly review our candidate database for suitable matches. Because we keep in touch with the talent on our books so often, there’s a good chance we’ll find a world-class candidate who is not actively seeking a career move who wants to find out more about you.

They’ll also perform detailed scrutiny and real due diligence on applicants who are new to us. There’s no chance that you’ll see someone who’s not enthusiastic about your role and who has not been properly checked and vetted for relevancy and suitability.

With our service, nothing is left to chance. As Tim Hyson, director at MITIE, states, “Maxwell Stephens displays the knowledge and understanding of client needs that clearly enables better placement of excellent candidates within the right roles”.


Our astonishingly successful and friendly team want to get to work for you. Speak with them today – you’ll be genuinely delighted by how approachable and knowledgeable they are.

Call today on 0207 118 48 48 or email and let’s start the search.

Client Testimonial;

“Displays the knowledge and understanding of client needs that clearly enables better placement of excellent candidates within the right roles.”

Tim Hysom, Director MITIE