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Advertising your job is something that always throws off many employers and even some recruitment consultants. It’s all about know where and when to place job openings so that you know the right candidates are looking at it. Even more fundamental, your job advertisement has to be superbly written selling you as a company and the role you’re offering.

Facilities management is a very specialist area. The team at Maxwell Stephens under its managing director, Peter Forshaw, have used advertising so well in the past that:

  1. we’ve built up the largest database of FM professionals, managers and leaders in the UK,
  2. we’ve placed some of Britain’s best talent in the country’s best organisations, and
  3. the talent we’ve placed has been right for our clients and that talent has had a transformative effect on our valued customers.

Your success with us all comes down to a tried and test strategy. As more and more candidates start their job hunt online, our team has a market-leading understanding of using job boards and search engines to find the right talent.

Our knowledge of trends & keyword optimisation and our contacts within the major job boards give Maxwell Stephen’s advertised approach a distinct and hugely advantageous edge. Our company’s deep industry connections include some of the major players within the national press, trade journals and local publications.

Our in-house digital team continue to create innovative, talked-about e-media facilities management recruitment campaigns using dedicated micro-sites and tailored web solutions.

In as little as a day, you could be working with our team on –

  • Advertisement design
  • Media selection
  • Ad placement
  • Response handling
  • Applicant screening
  • Initial interviews
  • Shortlist creation

If confidentiality is a must, we advertise your position under the hugely-respected Maxwell Stephens brand. Just this alone can bring in a noticeable surge in the quality and quantity of applicants.

We put all our know-how and determination into making job advertising work for you. Our success rate is the reason why companies like Wembley, Gilead, UKTV and Royal Ballet School work with us time and time again.

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When you choose to advertise your position through Maxwell Stephens, you’re partnering with the most tech-savvy, best connected and hardest working team in facilities management. From the start, you’ll really appreciate just how much of ourselves we throw into making your campaign a massive and unqualified success.

Call today on 0207 118 48 48 or email and let’s start planning.

Ebook – Recruiting a Facilities Manager: The 10 Things You Need to Know.

Ebook – Recruiting a Facilities Manager: The 10 Things You Need to Know

Finding qualified Facilities Managers to hire can be a struggle, even in a bad economy. However certain things hold true, no matter the economic conditions.

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Client Testimonial:

“Puts forward credible candidates saving time and effort which is often not the case when working with less effective recruiters.”

Matt Horridge, Commercial Lead, Balfour Beatty

Request the Maxwell Stephens 2014 Facilities Management Salary Survey.

Request the Maxwell Stephens 2014 Facilities Management Salary Survey.

Maxwell Stephens are a renowned UK professional services agency that specialises in facilities management recruitment.

The survey will help individuals find the next job (by being able to pitch at the right level) but will also enable organisations to conduct benchmarking and will thus enable better all round recruitment decision making.

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