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Free Download : Maxwell Stephens 2016 Facilities Management Salary Survey

2016 Facilities Manager Salary Survey Maxwell Stephens are a renowned UK professional services agency that specialises in facilities management recruitment.

The survey will help individuals find the next job (by being able to pitch at the right level) but will also enable organisations to conduct benchmarking and will thus enable better all round recruitment decision making.

2016’s salary survey provided valuable and useful insights for everyone in the facilities management sector, employee and employer alike.

The sector is still male-dominated. In our 2014 questionnaire, 23% of respondents were female. This time, it’s down to 20.5%. That said, 48% of FM professionals were female. This suggests that there is much greater gender equality on the ground.

FM is a demanding role continuing to attract people who like to be challenged. The participants enjoy the variety of work offered. Most respondents accept that working out-of-hours is part of the job – it’s something they knew about before entering the field.

“ It’s an industry people stay in. 85% of those taking part had been employed for 6 years or more in FM. 80% of them were happy in their current position. ”