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How to Get a Job in FacilitiesLooking for a job isn’t always the easiest of things to do.

Whether it is your very first step on the career ladder, a move to a new career or perhaps a return to work after raising children it can seem pretty daunting!

From updating your CV to making a great impression at the interview stage; we are here on hand to help through every little part all with the hope that by the end of it you will secure a shiny new job.

In this Ebook we will: Cover the full journey of writing your CV to perfecting interviews, discuss job searching, and talk about increasing your employability, including networking and volunteering.

Be brave, take the plunge and get on your way to finding the job of your dreams.

It is important that you sit down and take a moment to list down all the skills that you possess.

You might find that some of the skills you have don’t quite fit in with the type of role you’re currently doing and would match in with a career change. This may lead you to finding a role you wouldn’t normally apply for and getting that type of job satisfaction that you wouldn’t normally experience.

Being realistic about what you would be happy to earn may just broaden your job search and help you on the way to finding the right role for you.

When it comes to actually finding a role that you want to apply for, many people will turn to an online search facility and search for key words, skills or perhaps location. While this is a good way to search for jobs, there are also many others such as: networking, volunteering and internships.


“ No matter what the job descriptions say, the job may still be worth applying for. ”