Maxwell Stephens

Free Ebook Download: How to Market yourself as an Interim Manager

Interim ManagerMany aspiring interim managers underestimate the amount of marketing they need to do in order to succeed. Simply having skills, knowledge, experience and even track record is no guarantee of success.

Candidates may believe that simply dusting down their CV and lodging it with a few interim service providers is all they need to do, but nothing could be further from the truth.

On average only 20%-25% of interim assignments are placed through interim service providers. The rest are organised directly between the client and the interim manager.

In this Ebook we will: Find hints and tips to help you define your product, identify your market, and unravel the mysteries of marketing.

Marketing yourself effectively is a critical component of success.

This can seem daunting for those who have never had to market themselves in this way before.

For most interims, this is only a means to an end and you are not aiming to become a marketing expert, but time spent honing your marketing skills is never wasted. You will benefit in many ways which could impact on your interim career.

Many interims find it helpful to think of marketing their company rather than themselves.

Although it simply seems like semantics, it will usually promote a very objective and much more productive mindset.

Interim managers often define their product as their past title. Whilst such an approach can be valuable, particularly in developing CVs for interim service providers, it is not usually what grabs the attention of potential clients in the first place.


“ People cannot offer you an assignment if they don’t know you exist ”